Sister Odilia writes from Pugny-Chatenôd

Sister Odilia, the Prioress of the Community of the Sisters of Bethlehem at the Monastery of Notre-Dame de l’Unité, whom I visited last Wednesday near Aix-les-Bains, has written the following eMail:

Cher David,

Merci pour cette visite et ce partage très enrichissant qui aide à entrer dans un regard et une écoute de l’autre, différent et en même temps semblable puisque c’est le Christ qui nous rassemble.

Merci pour la belle icône que nous avons reçue.

Merci pour cette délicatesse de votre coeur.

Je prie pour vous et pour votre mission d’unité dans l’Eglise une et indivisible.

Avec toute mon amitié.

Soeur Odilia

You can read the report of my mission to Aix here, and the story of Fr. Fernand Portal here.

David Murphy

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Some more UK Ordinariate groups have announced their plans for “Called to be One” Day

DEAL, Kent:

The Deal Ordinariate Group will be hosting Called to be One Exploration Day events on:

Saturday 6th September 2014
at St John’s Church, St Richard’s Road, Deal CT14 9LD
at 2.00pm

Saturday 13th September 2014
at the Franciscan International Study Centre, Canterbury CT2 7NA
at 11.00am

Saturday 13th September 2014
at the Shrine of St Augustine, Ramsgate CT11 9PA
at 4.00pm

Anyone and everyone who is exploring the call to Christian unity is very welcome to come along to one of our Exploration Days.
We look forward to welcoming you!


CALLED to be ONE on Saturday 6th September
is an exploration day for people who are not currently members of the Ordinariate but who are interested in the vision for truth and unity in communion with the successor of Peter.

Come and find out more:

2.30pm – CALLED to be ONE Open Event
in Falkland Town Hall, High Street,
Falkland KY15 7BX (some 20 miles north of Edinburgh)

3.45pm – Solemn Evensong and Benediction
in the Chapel Royal, Falkland Palace



Plans for 6th September 2014 – ‘Called to be One’ event

Venue: St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, New Zealand Road,
Cathays, Cardiff CF14 3BR

Time: Saturday 6th September 2014, 2.00pm

2pm         Mass (Ordinariate Use)
3pm         Break for Tea / Coffee / Refreshments
3.30pm   Presentation and Discussion:
‘The Ordinariate in South Wales’ (Fr Bernard)
‘Why I am a member’ (a lay member of our group)
4pm        Closing Prayer


Ordinariate “Called to be One” exploration day – Sat 6th September

- at St Mary’s Ryde, home to IOW part of the Mission:
3.30pm Choral Evensong followed by tea and presentation

- and at St Agatha’s Portsmouth, home to mainland part of the Mission:
11am mass, open day and 4pm Choral Evensong


Called to be One:

on 7th September we will host a special service of Choral Evensong & Benediction to which the whole deanery will be invited.

This is part of a national day of celebration for the Ordinariate.


6th Sept, Ordinariate Discovery Day:

a National day of local events to learn more about the Ordinariate.

2 – 4pm at MPB


Sat 6 Sep ‘Called to be One’ Ordinariate Exploration Day

3pm Cream Tea
4pm Choral Evensong at St Joseph’s Heywood

invite your friends!

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Sorry, I forgot the fifth project

For completeness I should also mention the Organ Pipe Facade project at St. Thomas More to cover up some unsightly speakers. Here is the report from the recent newsletter:

Organ Facades Being Built

While St. Joseph Church was beautifully renovated in time for its dedication two years ago, the sole exception has been the eyesore of the exposed speakers of our digital organ, visible St Thomas More, Scranton- Organ facadesin the organ loft flanking the original organ case (which itself is now packed with defunct ventilation ductwork). As their confirmation projects, parishioners Elden Bergman and Jacob Campbell are building pipe facades resembling the original pipework to disguise the speakers. 40 pipes are needed, and can be donated by members and friends at a cost of $25 each, with names of donors and/or memorials & thanksgivings to be framed in the church narthex. Please consider offering one or more pipes, giving by PayPal or by check, clearly indicating “organ pipe” in either case.

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St. Thomas More, Scranton, quantifies a fourth project

A couple of days ago I received a letter from Paul Campbell, the Music Director at St. Thomas More Ordinariate parish in Scranton, Philadelphia, with more details about a music scholarship programme planned for the coming academic year (the fourth funding project this year):

St Thomas More Scranton - Paul Campbell“As you may have read in the newsletter we just sent out last Friday, with Fr. Bergman’s permission we have launched an effort to bring to our choir for the coming season two “Choral Scholars,” music students from Marywood University, who would sing with us in our Parish Choir.

As someone who lives at a distance from the Scranton area who would not often have the opportunity to be blessed by hearing our choir, you may wonder why we would appeal to you for aid. Yet as we stated in the newsletter, as an Ordinariate Parish we take seriously our mission to share the great gifts of our heritage with the wider Church, and thus this program will allow our Parish to minister TO these budding musicians, exposing them to orthodox preaching, excellent music, and robust liturgy sorely lacking in many corners of the Church.

This ministry is not included in our budget, so we are raising funds through Kickstarter, an online fundraising program whereby all funds must be raised by an appointed cutoff date, or the project does not proceed and no funds are collected from those who have pledged. We have set this date as September 1, so by the start of the fall semester we will know whether we can proceed this year.

Our goal is to award each of two students a scholarship of $125 per month, or about $25 per Sunday… pocket change by today’s standards, but hopefully enough to entice a couple of college students to sing among us and thus be exposed to the beauties of our traditions and teaching. Doing the math, this results in a fundraising goal of $2,250 over the next 40 days; otherwise the project will not proceed. To add some perspective, $25 will fund one student for one Sunday; $50 both students for one Sunday; $125, one student for one month; and $250, both students for one month. Larger or smaller gifts are also most welcome!

The direct link to our project on Kickstarter is here: .

You can read more about the project, view a video about it, and – if you would like to contribute – arrange a pledge and secure credit card payment, which does not proceed unless we are fully funded on time. If you prefer not to use your credit card online, contact me with a figure for your pledge instead; we can make the payment via the church credit card, and you can offer your pledge directly to us to pay off the card.

Thank you very much for prayerfully considering a contribution, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. We will email our members and friends from time to time to inform you of our progress toward reaching our funding goal.

Yours in Christ,
Paul Campbell
Music Director, St. Thomas More Parish”

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Archbishop Welby writes to the Pope and Orthodox leaders offering “ecumenism light” now that unity is not possible

The Daily Telegraph reports the wording of a letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to church leaders including the Pope after the decision to ordain women bishops:

justin Welby“We are aware that our other ecumenical partners may find this a further difficulty on the journey towards full communion. There is, however, much that unites us, and I pray that the bonds of friendship will continue to be strengthened and that our understanding of each other’s traditions will grow.

It is clear to me that whilst our theological dialogue will face new challenges, there is nonetheless so much troubling our world today that our common witness to the Gospel is of more importance than ever.

There is conflict in many regions of our world, acute poverty, unemployment and an influx of oppressed people driven away from their own countries and seeking refuge elsewhere.

We need each other, as we, as churches empowered by the Holy Spirit, rise to the challenge and proclaim the good news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and strive for closer fellowship and greater unity.”

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Portsmouth – next stage on the Ordinary’s Cathedral tour.

Ordinary at Portsmouth Cathedral - celebrant“Christian Unity Not About Christian Uniformity” says Ordinary

The Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, Monsignor Keith Newton, has preached to hundreds of Mass-goers in Portsmouth Cathedral – where he spent the weekend of 26/27 July – about the vision of Christian unity held out by the Ordinariate.

He said that people sometimes asked members of the Ordinariate why they couldn’t become “proper Catholics” . “What they mean”, he said, is “why can’t you just be absorbed into the wider Catholic Church so that what you bring disappears like sugar dissolved in water”. The answer , Mgr Newton said, was that Christian unity was not about Christian uniformity; rather it was about exploring the possibility of sharing a common faith in communion with the successor of Peter and yet having different liturgical, devotional and pastoral practices which enriched the wider Church. This, he said, had “important ecumenical implications”.

The Ordinary spoke of the Ordinariate Use Mass, approved by Rome last year, which integrates elements of the Church of England Book of Common Prayer into the Roman rite. He said the Book of Common Prayer was one of the “treasures to be shared” with the Catholic Church. People in Portsmouth who were interested to find out more could go to an Ordinariate “exploration day “event being held by the local Portsmouth Ordinariate group at St Agatha’s Church on 6 September where they could experience the Ordinariate Use Mass.

The Portsmouth event is one of some 40 different events being held on 6 September by Ordinariate groups across the country aimed at helping people – especially those in the Church of England who may feel that God could be calling them into communion with Rome – to understand the Ordinariate better. Pope Francis last week sent a message to the Ordinary in which the Holy Father sends good wishes and says he is praying for the success of the day.

Mgr Newton’s visit to Portsmouth was arranged as part of an appeal by the Friends of the Ordinariate, which was set up to assist the Ordinariate and support its work. By kind permission of Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth, the Ordinary celebrated three Masses and preached at all the Masses over the weekend. There was a retiring collection for the Friends of the Ordinariate.

The Ordinary’s homily included an appeal for prayers for the persecuted Catholic Christians of the Eastern Rite who are suffering in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.

To read the full homily, click here

And for more photos, you can click here

Ordinary at Portsmouth Cathedral(from a UK Ordinariate press release)

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Choral Evensong for Air Cadets in Manchester

On Sunday 13 July 2014 Fr Andrew Starkie, leader of the Manchester Ordinariate Mission, led a service of Choral Evensong at St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Heywood – home of the Manchester Ordinariate Mission, at which members of the 2301 (Heywood) Squadron Air Training Corps paraded their flag. Fr Starkie is chaplain to the Corps. The singing was led by the choir of the Manchester Ordinariate Mission. The service – which marked the 74th anniversary of the Battle of Britain on 10 July – was the first time for some years that the Heywood Air Cadets had held a Church Parade.

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