Rock around the Lychgate – at St. Anselm’s, Pembury

Fr. Ed Tomlinson writes:

We are just days away from a special fundraiser being held in the local village hall. “Rock around the Lychgate” on Saturday, 29 November will raise money for our parish development project. So far over 80 tickets have been sold meaning that we only have a few left before we reach capacity. Let’s try and hit the magic 100 mark!

Tonbridge CoppernobTickets cost £15 which covers a sit down meal as well as the entertainment for the evening. That is being provided by “Sold Out”- a local cover band comprising members of the congregation. They promise to keep playing hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s so long as we keep their glasses full and people dance! This will be easy to do as a licensed bar will be running all night.

For connoisseurs of beer; we have secured a barrel of a local brew which will be served at a very reasonable £3 per pint. Wine and soft drinks will also be on sale from the bar throughout the evening. If you want to come – best let me know ASAP. With several of the rugby club members in attendance the only question is … will one barrel be sufficient?

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Have you seen the Cycle of Prayer of St John’s, Calgary?

Here is a link to the Cycle of Prayer which the Ordinariate Parish of St. John the Evangelist, Calgary, has posted on its website.

This does not only contain intentions for every day of the months but 15 pages of prayers. (In comparison our own Expats Cycle – see the widget on the right – seems rather meagre.)

St John Calgary cycle of prayer

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Second Capital Campaign Newsletter – St. John’s, Calgary

Here is something which I inadvertently missed. I posted the first newsletter of the St. John the Evangelist Capital Campaign to purchase the church building and, more recently, the campaign brochure, but here is the second newsletter, which was puiblished in October and refers to the Commitment Sunday which took place two days ago on the Feast of Christ the King. Click on the banner heading:

St John Calgary Capital Campaign newsletter heading 2

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Pope Francis at European Parliament

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Cardinal Robert Sarah appointed the Ordinariates’ alter-Prefect

Alongside the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), which has direct jurisdiction over the Personal Ordinariates, it is the Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW) which is our second most important dicastery, at least during this phase when Ordinariate Use liturgy is being developed and formulated by the inter-dicasterial Commission “Anglicanae Traditiones”,  comprising both Congregations.

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller of the CDF, a disciple of Benedict XVI, is supportive of the Ordinariates as he is clearly aware of and shares the Pope emeritus’ vision for the incorporation of the Anglican patrimony into the Roman Rite.

After the recent return of the Prefect of the CDW, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, to his native Spain as archbishop of Valencia, there has been some speculation about who might replace him as head of the dicastery. Names were mentioned of bishops who have in the past shown reluctance towards the Anglican Use liturgy. Well, they have not been appointed!

Pope Francis has now named Cardinal Robert Sarah as the new Prefect, a 69-year-old Guinean until now in charge of the Vatican’s humanitarian efforts. He has served as head of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum since 2010 and before that as number 2 at Propaganda Fide, but not much is known about Sarah’s background or expertise in matters of worship; the cardinal’s final degree was a licentiate in the Scriptures.

Cardinal Robert SarahAs Rocco Palmo writes in his blog “Whispers in the Loggia”, the Pope has chosen “a prefect whose ministry has been immersed in the work of charity and the perils of the missions – far removed from the boutique ‘liturgy wars’ so beloved by polarized Anglo-European elites”

We will probably soon see whether Cardinal Sarah’s appointment augurs well for the Ordinariates, as the work of Anglicanae Traditiones proceeds to the next phase, which will now hopefully be the drafting of the Ordinariate Use Divine Office.

Here are two brief videos with Cardinal Robert Sarah:

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St Alban’s Rochester to attend Mass at St Thomas

Andrew from the Fellowship of St.Alban, Rochester, NY, has informed us:

After discussions among the brethren, and input from Msgr. Steenson, Fr. Hough, and Bishop Matano, we have developed the following plan of action:

Since Fr. Cornelius has retired from his ministry with our group, and a regular priest from the diocese is unavailable, owing to a clergy shortage, we must make alternative plans for our attendance at mass for Sundays and Holy Days.

St Thomas Irondequoit NY - temporary home of FSAAt the recently concluded USCCB meeting, Bishop Matano suggested to Msgr. Steenson that we might consider the 9am English service at the newly reopened St. Thomas the Apostle church in Irondequoit.

We have decided to take Bishop Matano’s suggestion, and hereby designate the St. Thomas the Apostle 9am (English) mass to be the St. Alban’s mass in the interregnum.

We recognize that this church is across town from where we are currently located – so we entirely understand if some of our members cannot make it at this earlier time in a very different part of the city.

We still plan to have scheduled events for St. Albans proper, such as Evensong, Lessons and Carols, and other events where we can either find a substitute priest for a given service, or where we can officiate as laymen. We expect such events to be roughly on a once-a-month basis. Please watch our “What’s happening” page for event notifications.

We also have an update from Fr. Hough: that he and Msgr. Steenson have identified a successor priest-to-be for our group. More details will be forthcoming as the arrangements are finalized. However, it may be some time until we have our own regular Anglican Use mass once again.

St Thomas Irondequoit NY - temporary home of FSA - interiorDirections to St. Thomas church are posted under the Location link of our website.

We hope to see as many people as possible  there on Sunday! This will allow our group to stay together, and also help out bishop Matano on his St. Thomas Church revitalization project.

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New Ordinariate blog from St. Agatha’s, Portsmouth

Adam from Portsmouth has made us aware of the new Portsmouth Mission blog which came into being this month.

Apart from some photos of recent visits from the Ordinary and Bishop Egan of Portsmouth, there is this photo of St. Agatha’s Church from behind, showing its location surrounded by car parks, to explain its nickname “the Cathedral of the car parks”.

st agatha's the cathedral of the car parks

We wish Adam every success with this blog and encourage you to visit it from time to time, as we shall do. Interesting articles will then be reposted here.

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