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There has recently been a certain amount of unpleasantness on American blogs about the US Ordinariate, caused by alleged actions or words of the Ordinariate leadership and the sometimes very acrimonious reactions to these. Whatever the real truth behind the situation, however justified some may be to feel hurt, on all sides, many share the opinion that the current tone of blog comment, especially on “The Anglo-Catholic” is unpleasant, uncalled for and decidedly not helpful. In this context I should like to quote here a post by Fr. Stephen Smuts, which I agree with wholeheartedly.            David Murphy

“Writes Deborah Gyapong on her own blog:

it is time for me to take another hiatus from the Anglo-Catholic blog, as the moderator seems to be taking an editorial stance that makes me uncomfortable.

Our experience of Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson in Canada has been good so I want to distance myself from that stance. He is also my Ordinary and thus issues of loyalty also apply. That doesn’t mean I will never be critical of something he may say or do but that I will do my best to be fair and not to pre-judge things I know nothing about. I do not know enough about the American situation to comment further except to say I pray for the success of the Ordinariates and for wisdom and discernment from God for Msgr. Steenson.

And I for one am glad she has distanced herself from that blog. It is so filled with disillusionment and slandermongering.

I mean, just look at the damage Christian Clay Columba Campbell has actually caused now that Fr Z picked up on his malicious post  (and of late, over at the opinionated Rorate Caeli too). Some of the comments there are simply horrible.

However a comment by Ignatius (over at Fr Z’s) seemed to put it all into perspective for me:

Mr. Campbell has a history of posting unsubstantiated allegations against Fr. Steenson and the US Ordinariate in The Anglo Catholic site. At least one of those, announcing the utter failure (!?) of the Ordinariate have been deleted from the site. Therefore, I do not consider him personally a trustworthy source on issues regarding Fr. Steenson. There seem to be some personal issues at play there.

So do please go and support Deborah as she takes a stand for the good, by following her edifying blog: Foolishness to the world. ”

Just one last comment of my own, posted on Fr. Smuts’ site:

Whatever the mistakes that may have been made knowingly or accidentally by the leadership of the US Ordinariate, the time is more than ripe for peace and reconciliation to be sought – by all sides. Feelings have been hurt, bitter allegations made – this is not helping the cause of the Ordinariates.
I pray that we find together, bury hatchets, look for common ground and share Christ’s love among us.

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