Some perspectives for the Ordinariate Expats in Europe for 2013

1. In this New Year we must try to develop our methods of contacting Ordinariate members, and potential members and friends, living in Europe outside of the UK (also members of the American and Australian Ordinariates) and who would appreciate our support and community.

  • Our Christmas and Easter Letters are sent regularly to all Ordinariate groups all over the world, but that will obviously not suffice (so far only one Ordinariate member living in France has been notified to us via this channel).
  • This website is naturally an important tool – one member, a potential member, a potential affiliate priest and two friends met us this way in 2012 – and we must try to improve it. A greater variety of contributors and more deliberative posts might help.
  • There may also be other media by means of which we can make ourselves known, perhaps especially in the larger population centres, where more expats can be expected – Brussels comes to mind immediately, then perhaps Paris, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam. If you can provide us with details of communication media in these places, preferably free, then we should be glad to receive them ( And “media” means anything from notice boards to newsletters. newspapers and websites, even word of mouth.

2. We should try to intensify our community this year. Already the first seeds have been sown:

  • If it is possible for one or more of us to visit a potential member, then we should try to do that. That already happened once in the Netherlands in 2012 and this led to a very enjoyable and fruitful day together.
  • We should try to organise regional and supraregional activities to encourage group members to meet and share community. We already had the opportunity to come together at Herzogenrath in December for the Ordinary’s solemn mass, and people came from France, the Netherlands and Germany!
  • The idea of an Ordinariate Day or weekend in Northern France has already been mooted and it would be great if we could bring that off, attracting maybe even more people than Herzogenrath.
  • Contact between individual group members which are not steered by and channeled through the centre should be encouraged. A members’ and friends’ directory available to all might be something to pursue.
  • An online forum where those who wish to might communicate with the other members could be a possibility.

3. Arrangements for the provision of Anglican Use liturgical celebrations should be developed.

  • There is already a concrete possibility envisaged for Evensong in the Netherlands. It would be great if we could arrange something similar in Paris or elsewhere.
  • Individual members or potential members of the group who are former Anglican priests may be able to apply for ordination to the Catholic priesthood. This would obviously be an enormous step forward.
  • Currently we have one Catholic priest who  is likely to become an affiliate, but there is no group member with an ecclesiastical office (priest, deacon or what about “lay reader”?).

What do you think? Any more ideas? Any suggestions as to how some of those already mentioned might be realised?

Bye for today.

David Murphy

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