An appeal to Catholic priests in Europe

Become a “Priest affiliate” !

We are writing today to all the Catholic priests in Europe (outside the UK) who may follow this or other Ordinariate websites and who have formed a positive impression of the life and mission of the Personal Ordinariates movement.

Hello and welcome !

In the three years that the Personal Ordinariates have existed you will probably have heard how

  • the Ordinariates have become a privileged way for Anglicans to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church corporately, that is in a group with their pastor
  • one of the most important missions of the Ordinariates is to cherish and maintain those elements of the Anglican patrimony which are compatible with the Catholic faith, bringing them into the Church as a treasure to be shared (I invite you to read the posts “The Missing Centuries” and “Former Anglicans and the Ordinariate” which deal specifically with this topic)
  • the Ordinariates have a particular role in the New Evangelisation, targeting especially Anglicans who feel the call to enter into full communion, former Anglicans within the Catholic Church who want to be a part of the nurturing of the Anglican heritage within Catholicism, and those who were baptised Catholic but not fully catechised

You will know that the Ordinariates are still in the fledgling stage, that they have next to no property or wealth and are in need of support. If you were a priest in one of the countries where there is already an Ordinariate you could contact the Ordinariate (or in the UK “The Friends of the Ordinariate) who will gladly explain to you how you can help.

But you are a priest in Europe, maybe English is not your main language, what can you do?

Well, you may be pleased to hear that the role of “Priest affiliate” is not limited to priests within the UK. We already have two priests affiliate in France, a third priest (in the Netherlands) is also very interested in joining.

In what ways can you assist the Ordinariate movement as a priest affiiliate?

  • through prayer – as a priest affiliate in Europe you will receive the Ordinariate Expats Cycle of Prayer every month so that you can pray for these daily intentions during your regular prayers
  • through the celebration of the Eucharist once a month for the intentions of the Ordinariates and especially Ordinariate Expats
  • where it is practical and there is a demand, through the celebration in your church of the Eucharist in English at least once a month
  • through a special collection for the Ordinariate once a year
  • by allowing a representative of the Ordinariates to speak to your congregation once a year (maybe in the form of a homily at Mass)
  • and through your support in general, perhaps by attending an Ordinariate event, putting in a good word for the Ordinariates, etc.

It is possible that not all of this will be practicable in every case, in fact there are no “minimum requirements” for becoming a priest affiliate. You should just feel a desire to be a friend and supporter of the Ordinariates.

Wherever you are in Europe – whether in those areas where there are English-speaking colonies, like the Spanish Costas or French Dordogne, or in more remote parts like Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, or in Rome itself – you are more than welcome to join us.
Just contact us at and we will set the ball in motion.

Please think seriously about joining us !

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