Complete list of “Called to be One” events

arms of the personal ordinariate OLWThe Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham has just published the complete list of events which will take place throughout the UK on Saturday 6 September within the context of the “Called to be One” Exploration Day:

To read the list, you should click here.

Anyone who is interested in the Ordinariate is welcome to take part in any of these events. There is probably one which you can reach comfortably – and don’t forget that it is possible to become an Ordinariate member wherever you live, even if you are unable to worship regularly with one of the current groups.

Just as a reminder:

All of the following people may become a full member of the Ordinariate:

  • Catholics formerly from the Anglican tradition, no matter when they were received into the Catholic Church
  • current Christians of the Anglican tradition, who wish to be received into the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate (particularly if they are in a group with their pastor)
  • members of an Ordinariate member’s family
  • any persons who receive all or the final sacraments of initiation (baptism, confirmation, first communion) in the Ordinariate – this includes the previously unbaptised, those baptised in another Christian denomination and even those originally baptised Catholic but who never completed the initiation sacraments

All other Catholics can worship with the Ordinariate or support it – these persons can become Friends of the Ordinariate.

Catholic priests who wish to support the Ordinariate can become priests affiliate. Should they originally be from the Anglican tradition they may apply for excardination from their diocese or religious order and incardination into the Ordinariate.

So there is in fact nobody who could not join or support the Ordinariate in practice.

(Those outside of the UK who are looking for more information on the Ordinariates worldwide, should contact their local Ordinariates (see the links in the right-hand bar) or their exploration groups (Ireland or the Philippines). Those in Europe can contact us here at .

P.S. The Australian Ordinariate website is now calling on “Supporters” to register with the Ordinariate. “This will enable you to keep in touch, receive some Ordinariate news, and know about Ordinariate events in your locale.”)

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One Response to Complete list of “Called to be One” events

  1. EPMS says:

    On the surface it appears that there is little variation on the pattern of cream tea and Evensong, with a presentation or informal discussion somewhere in the mix. It will be interesting to see if this is a draw, for at one (reductive) level this represents a lot of what is on offer in the Ordinariate. Either way it will be very helpful for the groups involved as they plan for growth going forward.

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