“Called to be One” Day minus 3

attentionOn this coming Saturday, 6th September, every Ordinariate group in the UK will be holding events to inform the interested public about the Ordinariate, its patrimony and its mission. Most of the groups will have some kind of liturgical celebration, a talk or DVD and an opportunity for discussion.

Every member and friend of the Ordinariate is called on to support this venture, to take part on the day, and invite friends and other interested persons to come along to one of the events (a full list is available on the Ordinariate website, just click here).

And anyone (whether Catholic, Anglican or indeed anyone else) who is interested in learning about the Ordinariate, in meeting the local group, maybe even in discerning whether the Ordinariate might be an option for YOU, is most cordially invited to take part in the event closest to you !!!

And if you are unable to attend, but would like more information about the Ordinariate (especially those living in Europe), you are welcome to make a comment to this post, maybe to write to us at ordinariateexpats@gmx.de or to the Ordinariate office in London at enquiries@ordinariate.org.uk .

We wish all the Ordinariate groups in the UK a great Called to be One day !!

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