WARNING ! Fraudulent e-Mail !

Several people including myself have received an eMail purporting to be from a UK Ordinariate priest and asking for a loan of up to £2,250. The eMail claims that the priest is stranded in Ukraine where he was allegedly robbed of all his money “at gun-point”. What confused me most was that the mail was actually sent from the priest’s genuine eMail account, the address of which is in my address book.

I immediately contacted the head office of the Ordinariate in London and was assured that the eMail is a fake. I was warned not to hand over any money.

Probably like you, I am now used to receiving fake eMails from Burkina Faso offering me part of a very large inheritance, but this was the first fraud that I have encountered which was perpetrated by hacking into one of our priests’ eMail accounts!


David Murphy

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One Response to WARNING ! Fraudulent e-Mail !

  1. I subscribe to quite a few Catholic blogs. Over the past few months, two of them in particular have included spam messages. Granted, none of them have asked for money……yet. It’s a sad state of affairs when blogs relating to Christian themes are subject to this type of abuse.
    Thanks for the heads up!

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