First photos of Called to be One Day go online!

The Cornwall Ordinariate Group has posted these pictures of their Called to be One Day (CTB1) event at Christ the King Church, Plymouth:

CTB1 2014 Cornwall 1CTB1 2014 Cornwall 2As there is only a sporadic Ordinariate presence in Plymouth at the moment (an ordination and a confirmation have taken place at Christ the King and Ordinariate priest Fr. Ian Hellyer of Buckfast Ordinariate Group lves in the parish with his large young family of wife and nine children), this exploration day was potentially very exciting, as success might mean the formation of a new group.

This information was given to me by Jean Chinery, whose husband (Fr. Simon) is priest-in-charge of a diocesan parish without an Ordinariate group in Saltash in Cornwall, not far from Plymouth. Jean actually wrote:

We group ourselves here as a ‘West Country’ Ordinariate cluster as the priests in the cluster meet together on a regular basis. …

My husband is seconded to the diocese to look after 4 diocesan churches in Cornwall. None of these are sited in areas really seen as suburbs of Plymouth as Plymouth is in Devon and all 4 churches in his parish are across the river from Plymouth!

He and and I were received into the Catholic Church together with the Torbay group and for a while he was an assistant pastor to that group while occupying a year’s position as school chaplain in Torbay. He was then asked to look after a diocesan church for a short while in Torbay before we moved last October for him to take up this current post in Cornwall. We still have a lot to do with the Ordinariate currently and try to get to as many events as we can. I meet up frequently with other Ordinariate laity and the priests plan joint activities together (e.g. conferences and training etc.) at their cluster meetings.

Fr Ian Hellyer (the pastor of the Buckfast group) lives in Plymouth and undertakes university chaplaincy work there (hence the picture of a confirmation in Plymouth would be of him in the church attached to where he lives, Christ the King). Three of the priests of the Ordinariate here in our West Country cluster are pastors of mission communities:
Torbay – Fr David Lashbrooke (who also undertakes prison chaplaincy work)
Buckfast – Fr Ian Helllyer
St Austell – Fr John Greatbatch
and one of a group in Weston-super-Mare (Fr Peter Clarke)

Fr Simon Chinery (my husband) and Fr John Greatbatch are the two priests of the Ordinariate in this cluster who run diocesan parishes. In Fr John’s case the two diocesan churches in his parish are in Tavistock and Callington. These are both some distance from his Ordinariate group in St Austell but he spends a day each week with his St Austell group and in local schools in addition to the Sunday mass he holds there. The St Austell group is not really formed of people from far and wide as it is made up of mainly the former Anglican parish that worshipped at Charlestown in Cornwall. I am not a member myself of the St Austell group but I meet up with Fr John regularly (he often stops here on his way to St Austell) and Fr Simon and Fr John work together closely.

Even after Jean’s friendly explanation I am still a little confused with priests living in different places from their Ordinariate groups and having pastoral responsibility in diocesan parishes where there is no Ordinariate. So I hope that in the medium term such events as the Called to be One Day will bring them more stability and maybe help to make the groups more self-sufficient. Good luck and Godspeed to the whole cluster.

David Murphy

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One Response to First photos of Called to be One Day go online!

  1. EPMS says:

    If this came from a different source one might think it was a cruel parody of how things were organised in the OOLW. No doubt there is some rationale behind these arrangements but they hardly seem calculated to produce strong, growing Ordinariate communities.

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