Called to be One Day – A “roaring success” in Pembury

Fr. Ed Tomlinson writes:

A roaring success

Last night was another moment in life that reminded me I need to trust God more and worry less. I had not been at all certain our local Called to be One event would attract interest. Sunday evening worship not being the best attended, so I feared a poor turnout.

But with minutes to go people were pouring into Saint Anselm’s and, best of all, there were lots of new faces to swell our own number. Interested people came to us from the wider deanery to hear about our vision and we had Anglicans as well as Catholics in attendance. It was a roaring success. Choral Evensong & Benediction sung beautifully by the choir (one visitor thought we had hired them in!) and a talk about the purpose of the Ordinariate as regards the mission of the Catholic Church. Here is the talk I gave which was very well received – thank goodness!

People picture the Catholic Church as rigid. Yet in reality it is incredibly diverse; it has different Rites, Antiochean and Armenian, and even variety within the Latin Rite, Dominicans differ from Jesuits. And historically there has been diversity between local Churches in different countries. Because the Catholic Church isn’t ONE church so much as MANY united by the papacy. Each having developed unique charisms – cultural and spiritual gifts to be treasured – that it might speak at a local as well as universal level. Which is why it’s dumb when they label us “Roman” Catholics. We are not, they live in Italy. We are English Catholics. And tonight I want to consider what that means…

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Pembury chancel now with altar rails

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