Newman Fellowship to move from Newtown Square

In the September newsletter of St Michael the Archangel, Philadelphia, Fr. David Ousley writes:

Blessed John Henry Newman Fellowship

There are some significant developments for the Newman Fellowship this month. First, we have arranged to move the location for our Sunday Mass, fellowship and class to a Catholic Church on the Main Line, beginning October 5th. While this is a “done deal,” I am not at liberty to give details right now. The Pastor has not yet had the opportunity to let the parish know of the new arrangements, and it is only fitting that they should hear it from him and not from me or the rumor mill. So – more details next month. Meanwhile, I will provide updates for the Fellowship at our Sunday evening classes. We will be leaving the Latvian Lutherans in Newtown Square with gratitude for their hospitality over the last couple of years.

In another development, David & Rita Moyer were received into the Communion of the Catholic Church at the parish Mass on August 17th. They had completed their catechesis, and it seemed good for them to go ahead and be received. In this, he fulfills his leadership of the congregation by preceding them into the full communion of the See of Peter – the aim of his leadership in the congregation for some years now. The photo shows the cake (courtesy of Wendy Ewing), with the Moyers on the far side of the Tiber, the Newman Fellowship still on the near side, and the quote from Fr Christopher Phillips from some years ago (“Come on in, the water’s terrible.”).

Moyer reception cake, PhiladelphiaMeanwhile, the rest of the Fellowship continues the weekly formation classes after Mass and supper on Sunday night. Having had some lively discussions (and excellent questions) we are on track to finish towards the end of September or early October. At that point, when all questions have been answered as well as I can manage, individuals and the community as a whole will decide whether to proceed across the Tiber themselves.

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