Rochester NY’s Ordinariate pastor retires

We have received the following eMail from the Fellowship of St. Alban in Rochester, New York:

To the members and friends of the St. Alban Ordinariate fellowship of Rochester, NY:

This note is to announce several important events for our group.

First, this past Sunday, Fr. Cornelius announced his intention to retire as the priest of our group, as well as his ministry in the Southern Tier. He plans to move his family to Texas in the spring of this coming year. We wish to thank Fr. Cornelius for his dedicated service to our group these past three years. It involved starting our group from scratch, and many long hours of driving back and forth from Almond.

Second, we had an (Extra)Ordinary visit on Saturday from Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson. Although he was unable to make a visit to our fellowship for Sunday mass, he was able to visit with my family, and have Saturday dinner with us to discuss the future of our group. He assured us that the St. Alban fellowship is in his prayers, and he is aware of our needs for pastoral and priestly leadership going forward. Msgr. Steenson asked me to pass along his plans to begin a search for a new priest for our group starting now.

We are asked to :
(1) pray for our new priest, that God may call the right man here,
(2) to pray for Msgr. Steenson as he selects a new priest for our group, and
(3) after a period of reflection, to send any input you may have for the qualities you would like to see in our new priest.

You may send that to our email address (, and I will compile a document to forward to our leadership.

Msgr. Steenson mentioned that he had had conversations with Bishop Matano about our group, and Bishop Matano is supportive about our presence and mission here in Rochester. We are asked to keep him and our host diocese in prayer as well.

I will keep everyone informed about new information as we receive it.

With my best wishes,
May our Lord continue to bless and sustain our group,
Andrew, for the FSA

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3 Responses to Rochester NY’s Ordinariate pastor retires

  1. EPMS says:

    I see from the website of the Fellowship of St Alban that Fr Catania, of the Soldality of St Edmund in Kitchener, will be celebrating a sung Ordinariate Rite mass for the group, with choir, on February 28, followed by an Adult Ed session.

    • godfrey1099 says:

      Talking about clergy mobility! That’s at least 3h drive one way!
      So great to hear that St. Alban, which we have kept in our prayers since they have lost their pastor, will have at least one Sunday (vigil) mass ‘of their own’ to boost their spirits in this difficult period.

  2. EPMS says:

    Fr Catania is single, so perhaps that is a factor.

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