ORDINARIATE FESTIVAL: Reports from Darlington, Eastbourne and LOGS

At last weekend’s Ordinariate Festival in London, Saturday morning was devoted to presentations from various Ordinariate groups around the country. Apart from the story from Torbay about their plans to purchase Chelston Methodist Church, there were reports from Darlington, Eastbourne and the Ladies Ordinariate Group in London.  The Ordinariate website writes:

The Darlington group, led by Fr Ian Grieves, which is one of the biggest and most thriving of all the Ordinariate groups in the country, with about 80 members and a steady stream of new confirmations (18 in as many months), gave an upbeat report on its social and fund-raising activities. Nicola Reeves, a leading member of the choir and group/parish secretary, said these were “an essential part of the Anglican patrimony”. Based at St Osmund’s Church, Gainford, the Darlington group is involved with local schools, universities and businesses and has a presence at every local event. As well as the emphasis on socialising and fund-raising, the Darlington Ordinariate is known for its high standards of liturgy and music and for its pastoral care. “If we are not bringing into the community the communion we share at Mass”, Nicola Reeves said, “then we are not doing our job properly”.

It was a theme echoed by Fr Neil Chatfield in his presentation about the Eastbourne group and how it seeks to fulfil the Ordinariate mission, as Fr Chatfield put it, “to bring all that is best in Anglicanism into the Catholic Church”. Fr Chatfield said there was much emphasis in his group on hospitality and involvement in local community charities, and that “Mass is the place where we breathe, where we are fed and from where we are sent out”.

The presentation about the Ladies Ordinariate Group in London (from Most Precious Blood and the Croydon mission), more affectionately known as LOGS, was given by the Catholic journalist/author and chairperson of LOGS, Dame Joanna Bogle, who spoke about the regular social occasions with speakers, as well as pilgrimages and other outings which the group organises. LOGS is also involved in art and writing projects with Catholic and Anglican primary schools across London, including one whose aim is to make every child in London know the Lord’s Prayer. Dame Joanna encouraged more Ordinariate groups across the country to set up Ladies Ordinariate Groups (LOGS can be contacted by post or email: 22 Redcross Way, London SE1 1TA – parish@preciousblood.org.uk). The LOGS ladies also organised a social evening for Festival visitors at Most Precious Blood on Saturday evening at which they presented a beautiful scrapbook about their activities which they plan to send to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

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