LOGS Scrapbook for Pope Emeritus Benedict

While I was in London for the recent festival, I went with the LOGS ladies by bus and tube from Westminster Cathedral to Most Precious Blood, where I helped them prepare for the reception to take place later and then played barman all evening. This is when I was made an honorary MOGS (“M” for Men rather than Ladies). The ladies explained about their plans to send Pope Benedict an album with texts and pictures about their activities as LOGS, hoping to be able to share some of their enthusiasm with the Pope Emeritus. They showed me the album and I was there to help them take the photo which is shown below (Mrs. Jill Newton and I did a memorable “table dance”, trying to get a table out of the way so that there was space for the photo. Mrs. Newton – the third from the right – at least found my clumsiness amusing.)

David Murphy

The “scrapbook” has now been sent to Rome and here is the official Ordinariate report:

The Ladies Ordinariate Group (LOGS), based at the Church of the Most Precious Blood, Borough, has sent a large scrapbook to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, thanking him for the Ordinariate and telling him about their activities.

“We just want him to know how grateful we are. There is so much going on and we want him to enjoy it as much as we do” said Jackie Brookes, who compiled the scrapbook with members of the group .

Pictures, samples of children’s work from the Sunday School at Most Precious Blood Church and from the “Our Father” project launched by LOGS for children at London’s primary schools, reports of LOGS pilgrimages to Littlemore and to Walsingham, all are in the book, which carries the Ordinariate crest on its cover.

The book was posted to Pope Emeritus Benedict to coincide with the Feast of Blessed John Henry Newman – after being blessed by Father Christopher Pearson, the parish priest at Most Precious Blood Church.

“I hope Pope Emeritus Benedict will enjoy it – we certainly enjoyed compiling it” said Daisy Powles, one of the team who worked on the project over several evenings with other LOGS members. “It was fun to look back over the events of the past couple of years and to see how it has all developed”.

The picture shows members of the Ladies Ordinariate Group with the Ordinary, Mgr Keith Newton, and the scrapbook.

LOGS scrapbook

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