Ordinary visits Bristol Ordinariate group

(from the UK Ordinariate website)

mgr-kn-visits-bristol-groupThe Ordinary, Mgr Keith Newton, visited St Joseph’s Church, Weston-super-Mare on Sunday 12 October to celebrate Mass with the Bristol Ordinariate Group. The group’s leader, Fr Peter Clarke, concelebrated, and deacon Tom Moffatt assisted. Two local diocesan Catholic priests, Father Martin Queenan of Our Lady of Lourdes, and Father Andrew Goodman of Holy Cross Church, Bedminster, were present in the congregation.

Mgr Newton preached on the Gospel of the day, Matthew’s account of the parable in which Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to a king who gave a feast for his sons. He concluded his homily with these words: “We hear this parable this morning in the course of our Eucharist. Amongst other things the Mass is the foretaste of the heavenly banquet, the wedding feast of the lamb. All are invited but not all choose to be here, but those of us who are cannot be smug and complacent. We need to prepare for the banquet to put on our best clothes. The clothes of humility, of penitence, of yearning to be the person Christ wants us to be, so that we can share in his blessings”.

After Mass there was a buffet lunch in the Hall, followed by Evensong and Benediction.

fire enginesA member of the group said afterwards:

“It was a very happy day which will long be remembered by our members. The only hiccup of the day was when the fire-alarm in the Presbytery went off when the thurible was charged. The group were rather embarrassed at the arrival of two fire engines”!

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