Ordinariate Missal now expected in 2015

The Autumn 2014 edition of the Newsletter of the Ordinariate in Scotland includes the following article on the new Ordinariate Use Altar Missal:

Baby delays new Ordinariate Altar Missal

The new Altar Missal for the Ordinariate Use Mass was originally expected to be published this October, but it will now be delayed until the beginning of 2015. Why? Because, as CTS (the Catholic Truth Society) have told the Ordinariate, ‘the typesetter is on maternity leave’!

Typesetting such a publication is a very complex task and as the typesetter in question was responsible for typesetting the new 2011 Altar Missal, it was thought wise, with her experience, quite rightly so, that she should also oversee the typesetting of our new Ordinariate Altar Missal.

The Ordinariate Lectionary

The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, as Pope Benedict insisted, uses as its Lectionary, the Revised Standard Version, Catholic 2nd Edition, of the Bible. All Ordinariate groups in the UK have a two-volume edition of the Lectionary generously donated by Catholics in the USA. …

With the continuing expansion of liturgical material approved by the Vatican for the use of English-speaking Ordinariates around the world, a new version of the Lectionary is in the planning. It will contain the same readings but the Psalms will be from the Coverdale (Prayer Book) version of the psalms. This will be published sometime next year.

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