Today is the fifth anniversary of Anglicanorum Coetibus

Anglicanorum Coetibus, fifth anniOn 4th November 2009 Pope Benedict XVI put his signature to the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus, thus creating a new entity in the Church – the Personal Ordinariate – whereby Anglicans can now enter into the full communion of the See of Peter collectively and individually and within their own administrative and pastoral structures can bring to the Catholic Church the treasures of their Anglican patrimony.

Five days later on 9th November, one of the most symbolic of all dates for a German (1919: the abdication of the Kaiser and the creation of the Republic; 1938: the “Reichskristallnacht”, when thousands of Jewish synagogues and shops were destroyed; 1989: the fall of the Berlin Wall), Anglicanorum Coetibus was published to an unsuspecting world … and the rest is history.

Let us pray today for the prosperity and growth of the Personal Ordinariates and also for the Pope Emeritus himself, Benedict XVI, hopefully one day Doctor of the Church.

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10 Responses to Today is the fifth anniversary of Anglicanorum Coetibus

  1. EPMS says:

    Those who have followed this story from the beginning, especially those who may be contemplating the importance or otherwise of the internet, may be reminiscing about The Anglo-Catholic, once a must-read for many. Some of the contributors are still with us: Mrs Gyapong, for example, and Mr Schaetzel who produced the map, at.the time a blur of 60 or 70 potential North American parishes. Some took other directions; I was truly amazed to see that the former Br Stephen Treat O.Cist is now a bishop in a denomination with which I was not previously familiar. The former blog moderator definitely joined the Catholic church, but I gather does not attend an Ordinariate parish. All a sidebar to much more important issues, of course, but not without its lessons.

    • Yes, it would be good to have a genuine all-Ordinariate one-stop website for news and comment, as The Anglo-Catholic once was with ts several authors. This site here is a poor replacement, but I feel it is necessary as it now seems to be the only site providing comprehensive Ordinariate news – by default.

  2. ePMS says:

    The editing job, which I assume was suggested to you by others, reflects the general attitude of OCSP, which is that information is potentially destructive and should be kept to a minimum.

  3. Well I certainly didn’t suggest it, but I understand and appreciate why David did it, and commend his desire that we not wash our laundry in public. As I have said, time and again, to our deleted contributor, he is always most welcome to speak directly to me about Canadian Ordinariate matters, and we have, hitherto, always had a most open and encouraging exchange.

    • Paul Nicholls ofs says:

      I will continue to contribute ideas, concerns and suggestions only on a private level within the deanery and not on blogs. My blog address was simply changed and I thought it best that it should be more reflective of the Secular Franciscan Order, rather than mixing in Ordinariate matters. It was not done in protest because of any personal feelings or concerns about the Ordinariate. I just wish to clarify that point publicly as i already have done so on a private level.

      • Paul Nicholls ofs says:

        I just wish to add that the website/blog of the Sodality of the Good Shepherd is the means of sharing Ordinariate news within the deanery and points beyond. I am the administrator of that particular site and I never inject my private opinion on that site, but simply do what I can to share Ordinariate news. This is quite limited, in comparison to this blog, but I do what I can to promote the Oshawa Sodality.

      • EPMS says:

        News is never entirely free from “private opinion” insofar as even the selection of what is newsworthy requires the exercise of judgement. That is why an official Ordinariate website is important, as well as official parish websites. When these are in place personal blogs can compliment them with the addition of analysis, reflection and anecdote that encourage the reader to engage with the Ordinariate’s mission.

      • I imagine that you really meant that our task is to complEment rather than only to compliment – though I am happy to do that too, where praise is due.
        But you are right – the fact that this website has become – by default – the main source of worldwide ordinariate news is not an optimum solution.

  4. Of course, EPMS, you may be referring to something else. I was referring to the editing job on the previous post.

  5. EPMS says:

    Yes, that was my reference. Mr Murphy’s wording makes it clear that the editing suggestion came from a third party, though evidently not you, Fr Kenyon —indeed your comments were also trimmed.

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