Monsignor Steenson Visits Toronto and Celebrates STM as a new Mission or Quasi-Parish of the Ordinariate

Fr. Hodgins writes:

Msgr Steenson celebrated a Solemn Pontifical High Mass on Sunday as we celebrated the erection of St. Thomas More as a Quasi (mission) parish of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. So STM joins 9 other mission parishes and 5 full parishes erected in October.

Toronto 20141109 3

Toronto 20141109Wonderful music followed by a sumptuous reception made us glad, as the music of Parry was still ringing in our ears.

Fr. (Lieutenant Colonel) Paul Acton of CFB Borden was Deacon of the Mass and led the Act of Remembrance. Joseph Decaria’s (subdeacon) mother baked and decorated the beautiful cake.

After dinner we attended a special liturgy at St. James (Anglican) Cathedral with Cardinal Collins in attendance as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Vatican II decree on Ecumenism. If felt as though we were the living results of that wonderful initiative of the Holy Sprit.

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