New Ordinariate altar in Cardiff Cathedral

The Wales (South East) Ordinariate group reports that a new oak altar which is being made for the group’s chapel in the Metropolitan Cathedral of St David, Cardiff, is now nearly complete and will be installed in the chapel in time for the first Sunday Ordinariate Mass there, on 30 November. At the same time two newly-bought icons, of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, will be installed in the two side-alcoves of the reredos.

ardiff Cargedal - old Ordinariate alkar

Cardiff Cathedral – old Ordinariate altar

The altar, which is being made by a local craftsman, will be a gift from the Cathedral to the Ordinariate Group. The group’s leader, Fr Bernard Sixtus, said: “We are delighted with the new altar and we are most grateful indeed to the Cathedral Dean, Canon Peter Collins, and the whole Cathedral community for their generosity”.

The altar will be blessed by Canon Collins at the start of the Mass on 30 November, the first Sunday of Advent and the beginning of the new Church year. The Mass, at 1 pm, will be the first of a new, regular monthly Sunday Mass which will always be celebrated according to the Ordinariate Use, which integrates centuries’ old Anglican prayers into the Roman Rite. The Ordinariate Use Mass will usually be on the Fourth Sunday of each month at 1pm, followed by a social get-together.

The Wales (South east) Ordinariate members have been worshipping in their chapel in the Cathedral since it was given to them by Archbishop George Stack in May this year. The chapel was created out of a recess to the right of the Cathedral sanctuary.

Canon Collins, who was responsible for setting up the chapel, said at the time that the Archdiocese was keen to see the Ordinariate group in Wales flourish. “It makes a great contribution to the life of the Catholic Church. It also has a valuable contribution to make in supporting the decision-making of a number of Anglicans in the area who are contemplating their future at present”, he said.

(from the UK Ordinariate website)

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One Response to New Ordinariate altar in Cardiff Cathedral

  1. (This comment is from godfrey1099, who for technical reasons has been unable to post it on the blog himself:)

    Considering the fact that the situation of traditional Anglicans in the Church in Wales is deteriorating at a rapid pace and may eventually become much worse than in CofE (see e.g. or, prominent, and clearly welcomed Ordinariate presence at the heart of the local Catholic diocese, coupled with the distinctive Anglican beauty of the Divine Worship liturgy and leadership of a charismatic priest, may indeed “support the decision-making of a number of Anglicans in the area who are contemplating their future at present”; and perhaps even sooner than later.

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