Fr Ken Clark in Gippsland begins Saints Apostolate

On his Gippsland Ordinariate blog (Victoria, Australia) Fr. Ken Clark writes:

Relics of the Saints

relicsI was flitting around the web today, and saw on Ebay that the sale of relics is still going strong, even though it has been outlawed by the Vatican for many a year. What sacrilege. Better that these relics be given to the local Catholic Church, then to see them profaned in such a way. I remember when I was an Anglican in Montreal, we had three relics of the saints sitting on the Prior’s desk, and when he died, and I returned to Australia, I did not take them with me. I do not know what happened to them, and I am aware that it was my responsibility to take care of them.

Just thinking aloud, there must be many thousand of these relics sitting in houses, on desks, in cupboards throughout the world.

If you know of any, have any, can source any – then please contact me. Be aware, I will not buy them, as they cannot be for sale nor bought, but I will pay for postage if I have to, and I will start an apostolate here in Gippsland dedicated to the Saints, and their veneration.

I know there is already one in Perth, and some overseas, but adding another will do no harm. It is important that we preserve as much of our Catholic heritage as possible, and if we can find, preserve, and use the the 1st class relics in our worship, the closer to God we will become.

My address is:

Fr Ken Clark
Catholic Diocese of the Ordinariate of OLSC
PO Box 815
Maffra, Vic 3860

You can also contact me via the contact me page of the Gippsland website.

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2 Responses to Fr Ken Clark in Gippsland begins Saints Apostolate

  1. pioraviacasino says:

    THANK YOU FR. KEN, for alerting us to this matter of relics. I do know of some in my area of Redcliffe QLD. Australia. I will try to seek them out. The last time I saw them they were kept in a very safe place, in a tabernacle in a small chapel, so all may still be well with them. However, it will pay to check it out. Thanks, Fr. Bill H.

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