Walking enthusiast Dame Joanna Bogle brings her walks to Most Precious Blood

Here is an original way that Joanna Bogle has found to make the Ordinariate well known among walking Catholics, and to encourage Ordinariate members to get walking:

John Paul Walkers visit Most Precious Blood, Borough

jp_walkers_picThe John Paul Walkers – young people from across Britain who make a walking pilgrimage every year to Walsingham – were at the Church of the Most Precious Blood, Borough, recently – a parish in the care of the Ordinariate – for their annual Reunion Walk. The group was established in 2005 and is led by the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph, from Hampshire.

After joining the parish for the 11 am Mass, they walked along the Thames to Westminster, crossing the river and returning via the Tower of London, and finishing with Benediction and Tea at Precious Blood. The walkers carried a replica of the statue from the shrine at Ludzmierz, Poland which had been given to the Catholic writer and broadcaster, Joanna Bogle – a member of the John Paul Walkers, who worships at Precious Blood – when she was making a television feature recently in Poland.

Ludzmierz Madonna

Ludzmierz Madonna

Joanna Bogle says: “The Ludzmierz shrine statue has an extraordinary story. In the 1960s, the statue was crowned by Cardinal Wyzinski, Poland’s primate, in a ceremony attended by some 20,000 people. As the crowning finished, the golden sceptre fell from Mary’s hand and sailed through the air – and was dramatically caught by the Archbishop of Krakow, Karol Wojtila: when he later became Pope, everyone recalled the incident and it gave the shrine a new significance”.

The replica statue was blessed by Fr Christopher Pearson, the parish priest at the Most Precious Blood at the end of Mass during the John Paul Walkers’ visit, before being carried along the Thames. It will now be kept at Precious Blood Church and carried on all the John Paul Walkers’ pilgrimages.

The John Paul Walkers will mark their 10th anniversary in 2015 and Ordinariate members are invited to join them: their walk starts on 6 August and finishes at Walsingham on Sunday 9 August. The picture at the top of the post shows them on this year’s walk to Walsingham in August.

Catholic History Walk

Tower of LondonThe Great Fire of London, a Viking Battle at London Bridge, and the Tower of London will all feature in a lantern-lit Catholic History Walk on 27 November, which finishes with Evensong and Mass at the Church of the Most Precious Blood, Borough – a parish in the care of the Ordinariate.

Catholic History Walks are organised throughout the year by the “Continuity” Movement, which seeks to promote an understanding of Britain’s Christian history. They usually start from Westminster Cathedral. But this final Walk of the year will focus on the City of London and the Thames, and will start at The Monument.

Dame Joanna walks the walk

Dame Joanna walks the walk

This week the History Walks – which are led by the Catholic journalist and broadcaster, Joanna Bogle – a member of the Ordinariate who worships at the Most Precious Blood Church – are featuring in a series on the US based Catholic TV channel, EWTN. For more details visit EWTN’s website. Click here

All are welcome to take part in the 27 November History Walk, meeting at 5.30pm at The Monument tube station. The Walk will take an hour, finishing at the Most Precious Blood Church, Borough, in time for Evensong at 6.30 pm and and Mass at 7.00 pm. Walkers are recommended to wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for rain or cold – organisers say “We’ll be walking whatever the weather. There’s no need to book – just turn up”.

The History Walks have been running for several years: they are organised by The Continuity Movement, one of the founding patrons of which was the late Mgr Graham Leonard, the former Anglican Bishop of London, who converted to Catholicism.

(from two reports on the UK Ordinariate website)

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One Response to Walking enthusiast Dame Joanna Bogle brings her walks to Most Precious Blood

  1. I watched one episode yesterday on EWTN. It was simply great: full of interesting information and so ‘energetic’ (for lack of a better word).
    Next time I visit London, I’ll use this series as a video-guide.

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