Rock around the Lychgate – at St. Anselm’s, Pembury

Fr. Ed Tomlinson writes:

We are just days away from a special fundraiser being held in the local village hall. “Rock around the Lychgate” on Saturday, 29 November will raise money for our parish development project. So far over 80 tickets have been sold meaning that we only have a few left before we reach capacity. Let’s try and hit the magic 100 mark!

Tonbridge CoppernobTickets cost £15 which covers a sit down meal as well as the entertainment for the evening. That is being provided by “Sold Out”- a local cover band comprising members of the congregation. They promise to keep playing hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s so long as we keep their glasses full and people dance! This will be easy to do as a licensed bar will be running all night.

For connoisseurs of beer; we have secured a barrel of a local brew which will be served at a very reasonable £3 per pint. Wine and soft drinks will also be on sale from the bar throughout the evening. If you want to come – best let me know ASAP. With several of the rugby club members in attendance the only question is … will one barrel be sufficient?

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2 Responses to Rock around the Lychgate – at St. Anselm’s, Pembury

  1. godfrey1099 says:

    In the combox, Fr. Ed has also provided interesting information regarding the growth of their community (in the context of 6 new members received into the Ordinariate on Christ the King).

    “Essentially a large group left on the arrival of the Ordinariate, simply because there are lots of other options in a five mile radius that suited preferences. Also some Ordinariate members, those who couldn’t drive essentially, moved into the town church for ease of use. Since then we have seen steady growth and a large lowering of the average age of worshipper. We have a blossoming Sunday School and now number around 120* over the two services on a good day and about 90-100* on a bad day.”

    *These are ASA numbers. The original number of parishioners who joined the Ordinariate was about 70, so ASA for the group could not be higher than 60-65. Thus, it seems that the group has almost doubled, despite ‘losing’ some original members for diocesan parishes.

    • Dear godfrey1099,

      Thanks for this info which I missed (you find a lot of reports which pass below my radar!). However, I think your conclusions regarding the doubling of the Ordinariate group are not correct. The figures of 120 or 90-100 are for the whole congregation (Ordinariate plus diocesan). We would therefore need original ASA figures for the parish before the Ordinariate moved there in order to ascertain growth figures, which themselves would be Ordinariate PLUS diocesan!

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