First Sunday of Advent in Washington, DC

St ;Luke's, Washington DCHere is a photograph of the Sung Mass of St. Luke’s Ordinariate Community at Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, on the First Sunday of Advent.

Fr. Mark and his community write: “Join us at Immaculate Conception every Sunday at 8.30 a.m., and afterwards for refreshments and adult faith formation. Our daily Low Mass is at 8.30 a.m., Monday to Friday.”

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4 Responses to First Sunday of Advent in Washington, DC

  1. godfrey1099 says:

    I think that due to the large church space, this photo poorly reflects the size of congregation, which has been reported at about 125 ASA (as compared to 85 ASA in their previous location).

  2. godfrey1099 says:

    And here’s an addendum to a recent discussion about Ordinariate’s priests’ inability to relocate – dedicated particularly to our top naysayer, who has tirelessly wrestled with our bunch of incurable optimists 😉

    • EPMS says:

      Mr Murphy was commenting on the relative lack of mobility of married clergy. The fact that Fr Catania will be staying at the St Mary’s rectory suggests that he is a celibate priest.

  3. EPMS says:

    Well, this is indeed unexpected good news. I assume the mission in question is the Soldality of St Edmund. They normally worship at an Ordinariate Use mass offered at 8 am at St Patrick’s, Cambridge, although Msgr Steenson did celebrate an Ordinariate Use mass at St Mary’s earlier this year at the invitation of the rector. I assume Fr Catania is Fr Jason Catania, former pastoral administrator of Mt Calvary, Baltimore, as shown in the upper picture on Peregrinus’ blog posting. I am not sure who Fr Joseph is, in the picture below. None of this news appeared in the latest issue of the St Edmund’s newsletter, which appeared only a few days ago. We await further details.

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