Calgary finances – some encouraging news

godfrey1099 from Poland is proving to be a very diligent observer of things Ordinariate, and has often provided us with info he has gleaned from his web research. Here is some news he has put together about St John the Evangelist, Calgary (Thank you, “godfrey”):

Meanwhile in Calgary, they seem to be incredibly successful in their capital campaign and general fundraising.

(i) The goal stated in the Campaign Brochure was “to raise the total to $600,000″, i.e. by ca. $220,000 from the current level of $382,500 (composed of capital improvements and the existing building fund). According to the ‘Advent Sunday Notices’, the capital campaign pledges on Commitment Sunday (23 November) already totalled $307,610!

(ii) Recently, there has also been a problem with meeting the operating budget of $5000 weekly. In the same issue of‘ ‘Notices’, Fr Lee Kenyon stated that “the [accumulated operating] bleed is now at over $12,000 (…) We need to stop the bleed, and keep it stopped, sooner, rather than later.” (

Well, I don’t think he expected it to be that soon. The Advent II collection reported in this Sunday’s Notices totalled an exorbitant amount of $29,799.00 ($15,739.00 General Operating Fund, $14,060.00 Building Fund; typical weekly figures being $4000-5000 and $1000-1500 respectively), which almost compensated the operating deficit all at once, while boosting the building fund at the same time. (

(Ed – On that Sunday total Mass attendance was 168. This represents an average giving per attendee (men, women and children) of over 175 Canadian dollars!)

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10 Responses to Calgary finances – some encouraging news

  1. EPMS says:

    This level of generosity is indeed very good news. If the purchase of the church goes forward, servicing the mortgage of approximately CDN$ 1 million will increase weekly expenses by at least $1000.

    • Rev22:17 says:


      You wrote: This level of generosity is indeed very good news. If the purchase of the church goes forward, servicing the mortgage of approximately CDN$ 1 million will increase weekly expenses by at least $1000.

      Maybe not. Interest rates are quite low right now, and that is a major swinger in the amount of the payments on a mortgage. Also, the parish will cease paying rent on its facilities when the purchase closes, greatly diminishing the increase in cost.


  2. godfrey1099 says:

    1. Is there something special about Advent II in Anglican patrimony that I am not aware of?
    At Our Lady of Walsingham they also collected almost twice the budgeted amount (with over $10000 surplus).
    2. The same bulletin also provides exciting news about the ordination of Fr Peter Hugh Davids, a renowned biblical scholar ( His brief conversion story may be found on his blog ( I would love to see him on Marcus Grodi’s “Journey Home” programme one day.
    That’s the second ordination for OCSP in December that we know of (the first being that of Fr Ken Wolfe).

    • EPMS says:

      Well, in the fund-raising biz December is by far the busiest month, as people tend to donate near the end of the tax year; apparently Christians are no different here. The attendance figures are what impressed me.

      • godfrey1099 says:

        Well, ‘the Spirit of Christmas’ must have visited you, EPMS, if (i) anything Ordinariate has impressed you, and (ii) you admit it so readily!
        More seriously, ASA for Our Lady of Walsingham has really grown at an impressive rate since the establishment of the Ordinariate (I believe by a total of 60-70% in three years’ time). I have even thought about plotting these figures into a diagram one day, but unfortunately they removed a lot of archival bulletins from their website some time ago.

  3. godfrey1099 says:

    And further to capital campaigns (Torquay, Calgary), the same bulletin, which is a mine of information, reports that “All proceeds (from Fr Charles Hough III’s new book) go to the Building Fund of St. John Vianney”.
    This group in Cleburne started with just 12 people; has outgrown the original (rented) location since then; and now reports “We currently have a growing Land & Building Fund, and we look forward to one day owning our own land and building a beautiful permanent church home to house St. John Vianney Catholic Church.”

    • EPMS says:

      Ebenezer P.M. Scrooge, moi? It is not enough to be impressed, IMHO; one should also try to emulate, where appropriate. I am always puzzled by the attitude that if one group of twelve has remained a group of twelve for three years while another has grown to a hundred in the same period of time this is simply an example of God’s inscrutable will and it would be impolite if not impious to draw attention to it. Personally I think that a close look at, say, the five groups elevated to full parish status in the OCSP recently, or similar groups in the other Ordinariates would provide many useful insights; indeed I assume this is one of the motives behind this blog.

  4. EPMS says:

    Many splendid pictures of Msgr Steenson’s recent visit to St John’s here celebrating their Feast of Dedication.

  5. EPMS says:
    The former Parochial Vicar at St John the Evangelist is now serving at a diocesan parish in Calgary. His profile on the parish website is an excellent introduction to the Ordinariate.

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