Father Jürgen Liias to undergo knee replacement

Fr. Liias, pastor of St. Gregory the Great, Stoneham, MA, has written to his parishioners:

Dear Members and Friends of Saint Gregory the Great,

As those of you who attended Mass yesterday heard, I recently scheduled surgery for knee replacement; my doctor informed me the recuperation period can be expected to be at least a month. My procedure is scheduled for February 9th. Previously-made commitments require me to be absent from you on three Sundays before that date: December 28th and January 11th and 18 th.

Thanks be to God! our dear friend and brother in Christ Father Patrick Armano, after consultation with his own Pastors, is able and has agreed to celebrate Mass for us on all Sundays during which I will be unable to do so. However — over such an extended period — it is a great hardship for him to attend to his other pastoral commitments and assist us in this way when our Mass is at 9:30; and therefore it has seemed best to temporarily move its time to 11:00.

Given my three absences before surgery we will begin this temporary schedule on
Sunday, December 28th — the first Sunday after Christmas and continue it until I return from my surgery (at the beginning of March, God willing!). These plans have been approved by Father Orrigo and will cause no inconvenience to the parishioners of Saint Patrick.

I pray this change will not cause undue discomfort or — even worse — make it impossible for someone to attend our Mass; but it allows Saint Gregory to continue to celebrate Mass in our own Use, with a beloved Priest who already understands and respects our tradition; and the alternative was almost certainly cancellation. We will all look forward to the return of “normalcy.”

Please pray for me in my absence, as I will pray for you.

Faithfully yours in Christ,
Your Pastor,
Father Jürgen Liias

P.S. Let us all pray for Father Liias and the success of his operation, as well as for his community of St. Gregory.

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