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3 Responses to HAPPY TWENTY FIFTEEN !!

  1. Rev22:17 says:


    Best wishes and prayers for a happy, holy, and prosperous year of growth in our Lord to you, to all of your readers, and to all clergy and members of the ordinariates!


  2. godfrey1099 says:

    Wishing you another blessed year in our Lord’s service in this particular corner of the Church.
    Looking back, 2014 brought a number of great developments in the Ordinariates (which had been impossible to imagine last January 1). I am quite sure that God has prepared a number of joyful surprises also this year.

  3. Jeff Hirst says:

    I echo these sentiments totally, and I’m sure many of us would like to thank David for his great care and thoughtfulness in keeping us all informed. My particular Ordinariate Prayer for 2015 is that the Church of Torres Strait, with all its clergy and people, will be successfully received into the Church, that the remaining former Anglican/Continuing Anglican clergy in Australia will be ordained, and nearer to home that the former Chelston Methodist Chapel will be bought by the Torbay group. Happy New Year!

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