Good news from the Chichester group

You will probably remember that seven months ago (on 3rd May 2014) an exploratory Ordinariate Use Mass mass was celebrated in Chichester for the first time. The mass takes place on Saturday evenings at 4.30p.m. as the first mass of Sunday.

Father Graham Smith, the group pastor, has written today:

The Group is now self sufficient financially and we have our own bank account and we are looking forward to 2015.

We are not a large group, typically we have attendance at the vigil mass on Saturdays of between 15 and 25. On Christmas Eve our vigil mass attracted 65 Catholics.

We continue to celebrate mass using the Ordinariate Rite with either Merbecke or Martin Shaw as the setting. We now have a regular thurifer and so are able to have Solemn masses most Saturday evenings. Mgr Robert Mercer is our assistant priest as you know and his support is very valuable.

First Chichester Mass May 2014 dI celebrate 8am masses for the local parish each Wednesday and Thursday and so there is no demand from the group for ‘ordinariate’ masses in addition.

We had very good support from Portsmouth during our first 5 months (18 miles away) but due to the distance from Eastbourne (53 miles) little support in practice from there apart from at the very beginning.

We celebrated the Solemnity of Our Lady of Walsingham on 24th September at a Catholic Church in Slindon, a small village between Chichester and Arundel at the invitation of the Dean of the local Catholic Clergy Chapter. Attendance at this was over 50.

Best wishes for the New Year
Fr Graham Smith

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One Response to Good news from the Chichester group

  1. EPMS says:

    Do not want to seem to parody myself by commenting on the latest Ordinariate Oberver, so let me say, on a positive note, that this news item is by contrast the very sort of thing I am looking for: it gives meaningful details and numbers so that the reader comes away feeling he knows more than he did and the writer’s upbeat tone is merited.

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