SBVM anniversaries

(From the website of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary:)

3 January 2015, Saturday in Christmastide.

Our thoughts are full of the blessed Mother of God at this time … throughout the Christmas Octave she is there, cradling her Son; on the feast of the Holy Family we see her with Joseph and the Babe; on the great Solemnity of the Mother of God we recall her faith, her ‘yes’ to the angel before she knew what it would all mean; and as we approach the Solemnity of the Epiphany we see her with the Child and with Joseph receiving the Kings. We know that she ‘pondered all things in her heart’.

Our hearts are also still full of the anniversaries we have celebrated recently: the second anniversary of our reception into the full communion of the Catholic Church, and the first anniversary of our erection as a new Institute of Consecrated Life. Finally, today is the second anniversary of the day we woke up, exhausted but so happy, at S Cecilia’s Abbey on the Isle of Wight, there to spend eight precious months before moving here to Maryvale. May we learn from Our Lady, after whom this hill of Maryvale is named, to contemplate the Son of God, so that we too in our turn may live fully to the glory of God. May God bless you and keep you.

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