Sisters of Our Lady of Reconciliation – Winter newsletter

Sisters Jane Louise and Wendy Renate have sent us their winter newsletter from Walsingham:

Dear Friends,

Zech 4-10We keep these words of the Prophet Zechariah close to our hearts, to remind ourselves that what we do for the glory of God is important and that what we do for the Lord, however small, is valued greatly by Him, which is what keeps us striving to listen to Him and discern on a daily basis what He is asking of us at any given moment.

At the time of writing this, we are fast approaching the end of our second season at the National Catholic Shrine here in Walsingham, with the usual sense of relief! We love to see the pilgrims come to meet Our Lord and Our Lady, but we admit to loving to see them go, so that we too can recharge our batteries! Of course, some of you will be aware of the changes in staff at the Shrine, with Fr. Alan Williams being made Bishop of Brentwood – who saw that one coming?! – and Mgr. John Armitage being appointed the new Shrine Director.

Since we were last in touch, we have had two enquirers; please pray for them as we and they discern what the Lord is working in them. Interestingly, they are both converts from the Church of England and of Ireland.

Also, we now have a new website which is: This is only a temporary website (hence the slightly unusual address) until we are able to create a more interactive site, with a little help from a good friend. So far we have had several hundred hits although the page has only been active for a few weeks, so we are quite pleased, as this means that people are interested or at least curious as to who we are.

Which brings us nicely around to letting you know of our new project for the future. This comes about due to the interest which has been shown in us and so we need to really think seriously about where we are going to live. For those of you who don’t know, we currently reside in a lovely little two bedroom cottage, which is perfect for us as we are now, however, the obvious issues are that we cannot accommodate visitors or Aspirants. We know it has to be a property in or around Walsingham as this is where our work is.

Therefore, we have opened a building fund to help us make a start fundraising for a new community house, where we can have our own Oratory, which we do not have now; and also sufficient accommodation to allow our community to grow. If you feel able to help out in any way to make this happen, we would love to hear from you.

Our life in the village continues to form good relationships, long may this continue. We have now formed a small but powerful prayer group which meets in a private house in the village where we appreciate the opportunity for prayer and meditation as well as fellowship. We are happy to receive any intercessions you may have at this time which we will offer at this group.

Sisters Wendy Renate and Jane Louise with the icon of the Walsinham madonna as "Our Lady of Reconciliation" - in the Chapel of Reconcilation, Walsingham

Sisters Wendy Renate and Jane Louise with the icon of the Walsingham madonna as “Our Lady of Reconciliation” – in the Chapel of Reconciliation, Walsingham R.C. National Shrine

By the time you next hear from us, we hope to have produced a small prayer book and a simple rule of life for anyone who would like to become a Friend of the community. This is something you may like to think and pray about.

These are our contact details, which now of course you can look up on our website! But here they are for those who have not joined the astonishing, but mad world of computers.

The Sisters of Our Lady of Reconciliation,
St. Bernard’s Cottage,
37B, High Street,
Norfolk, NR22 6BZ
Tel.: 01328 820001

(future permanent website:

P.S. So if you are looking for a good real estate project to donate a large sum of money to, you are not limited for choice: there is the Sisters’ building fund for a new convent; the Torbay project to purchase Chelston Methodist Church; the campaign of St. John the Evangelist Parish, Calgary, Canada, to purchase their church; St. Thomas More, Scranton’s new school proposal, etc., etc.  …………….  …………….

(signed) David Murphy

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One Response to Sisters of Our Lady of Reconciliation – Winter newsletter

  1. Thank you for reposting it, David. Again, you share information hard to get otherwise.
    I think, a link to the sisters’ website should be provided at OLW Ordinariate’s website or at least Facebook.
    Even though the things did not come out exactly as expected after the sisters had come to full communion with the Church (for example, only two of them remained), they still keep trust in God and divine providence.
    I truly hope that their bold plans will come true one day (with as much help from every one of us as we can offer).

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