Ordinary’s visit boosts Torbay church building appeal

The Ordinary, Mgr Keith Newton, has visited the Torbay Ordinariate Mission and told them of the importance of their initiative to buy a redundant Methodist church in Torquay and of his prayers that it will be brought to fruition.

As of today (13 January) the Torbay mission have raised more than £77,000 in donations and pledges towards the church and adjoining buildings, for which the Methodist community are asking £150,000.

Torbay Mission with Ordinary in Chelston ChurchMgr Newton was speaking in a sermon he delivered in the Methodist church – which the Torbay Ordinariate Mission already use for their Sunday Mass – on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (Sunday 11 January). He said that too often adults thought of Baptism and Confirmation as events in their distant past, but that these should instead be seen as present realities through which God calls us for a unique and particular task in the Mission of the Church.

When Pope Benedict set up the Ordinariate, Mgr Newton said, he called it a prophetic gesture which pointed to the unity of the whole Church, where Christians could be united but retain some aspects of the tradition in which they had been nurtured. “We have a particular mission in evangelising our country by expressing and living a particular form of English Christianity within the wider Catholic Church”, Mgr Newton said.

“That is why the purchase of this building, which hopefully in time will fully express our particular contribution to the life of the Church in this country, is so important. I am totally supportive of this initiative and pray that you will bring it to fruition”.

Fr David Lashbrooke, pastor of the Torbay Mission, said Mgr Newton’s visit had been a great boost to the appeal efforts and everyone had thoroughly enjoyed it . “We are so grateful to Mgr Keith for coming, as well as for all the support we have received from him as well as from the many Ordinariate and diocesan Catholics who have already written to us and donated. We are now more than half way towards buying the church, which is very encouraging”.

Lunch in the church hall, which Torbay Mission hopes will one day be their own

Lunch in the church hall, which Torbay Mission hopes will one day be their own

After lunch with the Torbay Mission in one of the two halls which adjoins the Methodist church, Mgr Newton, accompanied by Fr Lashbrooke, went on to celebrate the evening Mass with the Cornwall Ordinariate Group at the Church of St Augustine of Hippo, St Austell.

NOTE: An Epiphany party for the Torbay appeal, held in the home of former Anglican priest Geoffrey Kirk of the Ordinariate, who worships at the Most Precious Blood church, Borough, has raised £350. Thanks to all concerned.

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3 Responses to Ordinary’s visit boosts Torbay church building appeal

  1. godfrey1099 says:

    A progress bar can be observed here (though it is updated on an irregular basis, typically once a week): https://mydonate.bt.com/events/torbayappeal/196100
    In one month since the launch of the campaign (on 16 Dec) they have raised more than 50%; and it is still two months and a half to go (to Apr 3).

    • What you write is not quite correct, godfrey, as Torbay already had £36,000 before the fund-raising campaign began, which means they have only raised one quarter of the purchase price since the beginning of December, not a half.

      As “CPS” states in a comment to “Mgr Barnes goes to MPB”, this is disappointing, considering the relatively low price and the considerable amount of publicity that the Torbay Mission has enjoyed nationally. (He says: “… even the Torbay project which enjoys widespread support is not attracting the necessary monies”.)

      However, in a second comment, CPS also writes: “Lest anyone may think that the Torbay appeal might not reach its target, I should add that the Torbay fundraising still has 2 months to go and is now over half-way so there is a very realistic chance that the target will be met. We had an Epiphany party recently which supported the Torbay project and will probably have further collections for it too.”

      • godfrey1099 says:

        Taking into account your adjustments, the actual campaign target is £114,000; thus, in one month they have raised £41,000, which is 36% of the target (not one fourth, as you said). That’s quite on schedule for a three-and-a-half-month campaign.
        And such campaigns tend to accelerate once the half-mark is reached and the target looks viable.
        In addition, one of the previous reports indicated that interest-free loan was offered for any remaining amount, so the campaign may be extended, if required (though I don’t think we will let it happen).
        Once in Poland, Benedictine nuns in a Town of Jaroslaw, who returned to a devastated convent after 200 years and badly needed EUR 150,000 for repairs, launched an on-line campaign asking people for just EUR 10 (or a multiple thereof), under the slogan “Make one small step”. They kept publishing a list of donors (sometimes anonymous) and updated a “progress bar” on a daily basis. The campaign quickly became viral among Catholics in Poland and the nuns not only raised the initial amount, but since then have followed that with four subsequent editions (now, they are raising funds for starting a Catholic kindergarten).
        http://zrob1malykrok.pl/ (Unfortunately the website is in Polish, but you can see how professional it is).
        I am sure that if we all make “one small step”, the Torbay Ordinariate Mission will be successful in their campaign.

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