Monsignor Entwistle on the New Year of 2015

The main article in this month’s “Australia-Wide” is this report from Msgr. Harry Entwistle, which we have decided to repost in its entirety:

Msgr EntwistleI take this opportunity of wishing all the readers of Australia-Wide every joy and blessing in 2015 and pray that our Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross will grow spiritually, in manifesting the Kingdom of God, numerically and financially. We have come to the end of the ‘planting’ phase in the life of our Ordinariate, and now we must turn our attention to nurturing the young shoots that have taken root.

In this, our third year since our erection, it is unlikely that there will be more groups of Anglicans from either the Canterbury or Traditional Communions that will come with their priest into full Catholic communion through the Ordinariate.

We pray that individuals may come and be welcomed. In May 2013, Pope Francis widened our evangelistic mission to include Catholics who have not completed the Catholic sacraments of initiation as well as those from other denominations, faiths or none. While most of our current members have come from an Anglican background and demonstrate what true Christian unity ‘looks like,’ our mission is to bring others to love and know Christ and provide another liturgical and spiritual way of living the Catholic faith within the Catholic Church.

We look forward to the ordination to the Permanent Diaconate of Neville Rohrlach at 7-00 pm on January 20th in St Benedict’s, East Brisbane. We look forward to the ordination to the diaconate and priesthood of Ian Wilson in Adelaide, and Kenneth Hagan in the Diocese of Broken Bay. We look forward to establishing new mass centres in areas where we currently have no presence and to some progress in the process of welcoming the Church of Torres Strait into the Ordinariate.

Every Christian is called to discern God’s call to his or her vocation. Most are called to the married state, while others are called to the celibate state of the ordained ministry or Religious life. In which ever state we are called, we are all called to be witnesses of Christ and proclaimers of his resurrection, inviting others to come and encounter him within our community of faith.

I have appointed Fr Stephen Hill as Director of Vocations in the Ordinariate, and he has created a new Vocations website – This website can also be accessed directly from the Ordinariate website – Check both websites out, and use the prayer for vocations regularly.

As the Ordinariate increases its presence and attracts more clergy and hopefully a seminarian or two, the level of support needed also increases. This includes the sharing of responsibilities among the clergy for certain areas of ministry within the Ordinariate. We already have a Director of Vocations and I will shortly announce an Episcopal Vicar for Clergy (Fr Kenneth Clark – Ed) whose role will be to support clergy pastorally and in their ministries. Fr Neil Fryer is responsible for publications and Simon Coward is Webmaster. Needless to say, the need for increased financial support is a factor in our future life.

We have been fortunate to be supported ever since our erection, both pastorally and financially, by the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference to enable us to lay the foundations for what is essentially a new ‘diocese’. It has always been understood that in our initial phase the amount of revenue generated by our Ordinariate groups would be small. However, as Anglicanorum Coetibus makes clear, we are expected to increase our contribution to our expenditure with the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. The fact that our expenditure has not been excessive due to most of our priests being self-funded has been helpful to us.

We have received two bequests and have been blessed by some of our Supporters making regular donations to our central funds, but because of the size of Australia and the scattered locations of our few communities, it is very difficult to arrange any national fund raising. This has to be done locally.

The Bishops’ Conference is committed to continuing its support of us, but the level of this support has been reduced to more accurately reflect our actual budget. We cannot expect our Catholic brothers and sisters to support us if we are not prepared to increase our contribution and assets through our own effort. As a result of decisions made at the Clergy Residential Conference last year, the Ordinariate Finance Council has recommended an individual minimum levy for each community for this year. I urge each community to do whatever it takes to meet your obligation to the ‘Diocese’ and even consider some form of fund raising to do so.

The Ordinariate Supporters’ Network comprises a number of individuals who have promised to ‘promote’ the Ordinariate and its ministry by making us more widely known and above all, by praying for us. We look forward to this network becoming an increasing part of our mission and ministry. So encourage friends to join – your clergy have the registration forms. In the past year, some supporters have made regular donations directly into our bank account as part of their support for the ministry of the Ordinariate. To them I wish to say, “Thank you very much indeed.”

Perhaps others, members or supporters, may wish to consider offering similar support. You could make a donation using the Pay Pal button (you can use a credit card) on the Vocations website but indicate whether it is for vocations or general funding. Otherwise, the bank details are:
Ordinariate OLSC, BSB 086 006. A/C 15003 8987.

With such a scattered array of communities, it is very easy for parishioners to think only in terms of providing for the needs of their local community. Without you, the Ordinariate would not exist, but without the Ordinariate ‘Diocese’ offering leadership, support and administrative structures, the communities would not exist independently from their local Catholic Diocese.

We need each other, so I pray that 2015 may be a year when our sense of belonging to each other within the Ordinariate and Church increases and enhances our mission to show others that it is possible to be in Catholic unity without being absorbed.

Monsignor Harry Entwistle

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2 Responses to Monsignor Entwistle on the New Year of 2015

  1. EPMS says:

    Msgr Entwhistle Speaks English: I have found the approach of Australia Wide a refreshing change from that of the other two Ordinariates. Msgr Entwhistle opines that in the third year of the OOLSC it is unlikely that there will be “more groups with their priest coming into…communion through the Ordinariate”. I think this is probably true of the project as a whole, and implies a change of focus with which Msgr E at least seems comfortable.

  2. Rev22:17 says:


    From the article: We look forward to establishing new mass centres in areas where we currently have no presence and to some progress in the process of welcoming the Church of Torres Strait into the Ordinariate.

    This sentence is interesting.

    >> The establishment of “new mass centres in areas where [the ordinariate has] no presence” clearly will require ordination of additional clergy. If this is in the works, there must be more candidates preparing for Catholic ordination.

    >> As I have remarked before, the reception of the Church of the Torres Strait will be challenging because most of the Church of the Torres Strait is in an area where there is little Catholic presence. Still, one would like to see the process completed by the end of the year.


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