Gippsland’s Relics Rescue plan shows first success

Blessed-Junipero-Serra-Fr. Ken Clark writes:

” Today,  we received a relic of Blessed Junípero Serra OFM, much-loved apostle of California, who is to be canonized by Pope Francis during his visit to the United States in September. Many thanks to the person who sent that to us; a mass will be said on Bl Junípero’s day (July 1st) for your soul. May God bless you for engaging in the work of saving these relics from profanation.

Gippsland Holy Relic Apostolate:

Do you know someone that has a first class relic? Do you have one yourself? Did a family member have one?  What is going to happen to these relics when you/they die? There must be many thousand of these relics sitting in houses, on desks, in cupboards throughout the world.

If you know of any, have any, can source any – then please contact me.  Be aware, I will not buy them, as they cannot be for sale nor bought, but I will pay for postage if I have to, and the apostolate here in Gippsland dedicated to the Saints, and their veneration, will bring them out on their feast day to be venerated.

It is important that we preserve as much of our Catholic heritage as possible, and if we can find, preserve, and use the 1st class relics in our worship, the closer to God we will become.

My address is:

Fr Ken Clark
Catholic Diocese of the Ordinariate of OLSC
PO Box 815
Maffra, Vic 3860
ken.clark @ “

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2 Responses to Gippsland’s Relics Rescue plan shows first success

  1. pioraviacasino says:

    THANK you so much Fr. Ken for your E.mail regarding the Relics of the saints. That is wonderful news. I do hope you have received my post regarding the wonderful Ordination into the Permanent Deaconate of Deacon Neville, that was held up here in Brisbane last Tuesday evening. A very prayerful, holy and dignified ceremony indeed. Please remember Deacon Neville and Fr. Anthony as they minister to the people at St. Benedicts East Brisbane. Blessings, Fr. Bill H.

  2. David Murphy says:

    Fr. Bill, we have transformed your comment about Neville’s ordination into a blogpost and added a video. Thank you.

    Here is the link:

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