Darlington ‪Ordinariate Mission’s bid to send young pilgrims to Rome

The Darlington Ordinariate needs to raise £5,000 as a contribution towards supporting nine young people to join its pilgrimage to Rome in Easter Week 2015, to experience the patrimony of the Ordinariate in the eternal city and to raise awareness in Rome of that patrimony. This project helps draw the young – the lifeblood and future of the Ordinariate – into the life of the Church. Please support it if you are able! More information and how to donate from: nicreeves76@hotmail.com.

Here is the info about the pilgrimage from St. Osmund’s website:

st-peter-squareThanksgiving Pilgrimage to Rome 2015 – 6th to 10th April 2015

Pilgrimage Thoughts, Reflections and Devotions

The life of a Christian is a journey, a constant movement towards our heavenly home. Christians are sometimes called a “Pilgrim People” because they are conscious of this truth. From earliest times Christian people have journeyed to holy places to renew and nourish their experience of faith. To go on a pilgrimage is to underline a basic insight of the Gospel – that we are travelling home to God. Each pilgrimage we make is a model for the larger pilgrimage we are making through life.

We make a pilgrimage because we have some understanding of God – it is basically an act of faith. Whenever we have an understanding of God – of his goodness, his majesty, his beauty, his gentleness – we also understand ourselves a little better, and this leads us on to realise how far short we fall in his intentions for us. To go on pilgrimage gives us chance to get our lives into perspective. It is a normal part of a pilgrimage to share in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It may be that we have not been to confession for a long time, perhaps you have never used this sacrament at all: please think seriously about doing so. The priests on this pilgrimage will help you in any way that they can – please use them.

When we make a pilgrimage we ought to have an intention: this means that we ought to have in our hearts something specific for which we intend to pray (it may be one person, or something to do with our own future, or a number of people or situations for which we feel some responsibility). There will be time at our Mass in the Basilica of St Paul when we come together to share our intercessions. Prayer made in faith will never go unheeded.

Our pilgrimage should be fun! It is right that we should pray together and share in our Masses and devotions – but we must also relax and enjoy being in one another’s company.

Pilgrimage Prayer (to be said daily)

O Lord, this is our desire,
to walk along the path of life
that you have appointed us,
in steadfastness of faith,
in lowliness of heart,
in gentleness of love.
We make this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

The Return

“There was never a pilgrim that did not come back to his own town with one less prejudice and one more idea.” (Chateaubriand)

Pilgrimage Programme

Day 1 – Easter Monday:
6.15 am Train and plane to Rome
6.30 pm PILGRIMAGE MASS in the Domus Camelitana St Alberto
followed by drinks and dinner

Day 2 – Easter Tuesday
9.30 am Coach tour of the sights of Rome
4.00 pm PILGRIMAGE MASS in The Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls. Mass Setting: St Nicholas Mass by Franz Haydn
8.30 pm Time for dinner and free time to explore Rome at night!

Day 3 – Easter Wednesday
10.30 am Papal Audience in St Peter’s Square
4.00 pm PILGRIMAGE MASS in The Basilica of St Mary Major. Mass Setting: Missa Aeterna Christi Munera by Giovanni Palestrina
7.00 pm Free time for drinks and dinner

Day 4 – Easter Thursday
9.30 am Free time for sightseeing, lunch, leisure and shopping
4.00 pm PILGRIMAGE MASS in The Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls. Mass Setting: Sparrow Mass by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
8.00 pm Pilgrimage Gourmet Dinner in Giovanni’s Restaurant

Day 5 – Easter Friday
7.30 am PILGRIMAGE MASS in St Peter’s Basilica
10.00 am Free time for leisure, shopping and lunch
2.45 pm Return journey
11.55 pm Arrive at Darlington Station

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