Darlington Ordinariate celebrates its 20th reception

Darlington 20th reception 20150201The Darlington Ordinariate Group has received into full communion with the Catholic Church its 20th new member since the group itself entered full communion in Holy Week of 2012.

Christopher John Jackson (aged 23), a Merchant Seaman from North Shields, was received and confirmed by Father Ian Grieves, pastor of the Darlington group, on Sunday 1 February at St Osmund’s Catholic Church, Gainford.

The choir sang Mozart’s Missa brevis in D major for the Solemn Mass, which was followed by a parish lunch for 70 in the village hall. After that there was Solemn Evensong and Benediction with music by Ayleward, Brewer, Nicholson, Mathias and Allegri .

The Darlington choir are rehearsing Masses by Mozart, Haydn, Byrd and Palestrina which they will sing in the churches of St Paul Outside the Walls, St Mary Major and St Peter’s during a thanksgiving pilgrimage they are making to Rome during Eastertide 2015.

The choir is currently appealing for funds to help nine of its young singers to join the pilgrimage, which Fr Grieves says: “will help to draw the young – the lifeblood and future of the Ordinariate – into the life of the Church”.

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One Response to Darlington Ordinariate celebrates its 20th reception

  1. Fr J Maunder says:

    Good news indeed. Congratulations to those who have been received into the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. I gather that the Darlington group does not use the Ordinariate Liturgy, granted by the Holy See for the celebration
    of the Mass, as an outward sign of the distinctive nature of the Ordinariate and, of course, of Anglican Patrimony.

    Yrs Fr J Maunder

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