Another Ordinariate community begins home-schooling outreach

After the two Ordinariate home-schooling projects in Canada, St John’s Choir School (Calgary) and the Baldwin Academy (Toronto), another community of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, this time in the United States, is beginning support activities for home-schooled young people – admittedly on a smaller scale.

Fr. David Ousley of Philadelphia writes:

With fortuitous coincidence, a couple of home-schooling families found their way to St Michael’s in January. We got to talking, and it appears that there is no Catholic Church in the area which has taken on the mission of supporting home-schooling families. So I offered to do what we can.

The first need they identified was for a group for high school age youth, aimed at helping them to be Catholic in a world which is not sympathetic (to say the least) to a Catholic life. Renee McCullough and Claire Thomas were willing to do the organizational work, and (wonder of wonders) we are launching the group on February 20th. Matt Hummel (who teaches religion to high school girls at Gwynedd Mercy) has agreed to help me lead the group. We welcome teens from our parishes, even if they are attending a high school rather than home-schooling. If you know any who might be interested, please let me know, and I’ll see that they (and their parents) get complete information and an invitation. On the 20th, we’ll meet for pizza and some discussion at the rectory, and then go over to St Madeleine Sophie for the Lenten Stations of the Cross.

This is an exciting development. I look forward to working with the kids, and to hearing from them what we can do to help them along as Christians. I also have great respect for parents who decide to home school. We are talking about other ways we might be able to support their efforts. I am glad Renee and Claire found their way to St Michael’s!

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