Short report on Fr. Eric Bergman’s visit to Philadelphia

Fr. Bergman in Philadelphia Jan 2015It was a treat to have a visit from our Ordinariate neighbor to the north, Father Eric Bergman, the Pastor of St Thomas More in Scranton, in January. Hearing of their journey after they came into the communion of the Catholic Church ten years ago was encouraging to those of us – at St Michael the Archangel Church and Blessed John Henry Newman Catholic Community – who are not as far down the road.

His advice of being clear about our mission and sticking to it is well taken. If we are faithful to what God has given us to do, both in terms of practicing the Anglican Patrimony, and in bringing folk into the fulness of the Catholic Church, then we are bound to be blessed.

The particular growth points in St Thomas More’s history – the beginning of a youth outreach, the hiring of administrative help and acquiring their own buildings – may or may not translate to our situations. But their experience invites us to reflect on our needs and opportunities, and to see how we can best use the resources we have. This is an on-going conversation and discernment. We have had follow-up discussions in both congregations, and I am always happy to hear from any of you with ideas about how to foster the growth of our congregations.

Fr. Bergman and family in Philadelphia Jan 2015(from the Philadelphia Ordinariate Post)

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