Catherine Utley is no longer Communications Officer of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

Catherine UtleyCatherine Utley has informed us today in an email:

Dear all,

Just to say that I have resigned as communications officer for the Ordinariate as of last Friday (6 February). Until a new communications officer is appointed, any queries relating to the Ordinariate should be addressed to the webmaster, Fr Len Black ( …

Many thanks and best wishes,


Thank YOU, Catherine, for all the wonderful work you have done for our Ordinariate. You have established an information service which is unequalled, the regular press releases you have crafted have been used VERBATIM in the press of the land, both Catholic and secular. Your interviews will be remembered by all: the video interview with Mgr Keith for the Called to be One video, the probing interview with Mgr John Armitage, the new rector of the National Shrine at Walsingham.

But it is above all your professionality and your congenial personality which we have come to value enormously and will miss for a long time, Catherine.

Godspeed and abundant blessings on your future way. Please stay in touch.

David Murphy and all at Ordinariate Expats

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