St. Agatha’s celebrates Patronal Feast (update with photos)

(The blogger from the Portsmouth Mission writes)

DIGITAL CAMERASt Agatha’s Day (Saturday, 7th February) was a resounding success at St. Agatha’s Ordinariate Church, Portsmouth. We were able to accommodate the Newman Consort in the choir gallery because the old organ has gone and been replaced with a smaller one from Worth Abbey. It is electric rather than pipe, but boy can it go!! I almost thought the building was going to collapse as Mark played the organ during the censing of the people.

During the High Mass Father Maunder was able to announce that the church is now owned by the trustees, the council having sold their share of the building. More on that toward the end of the post.

Details of the Mass:

Celebrant: Fr John Maunder
Deacon: Mgr Robert Mercer
SubDeacon: Fr David Stafford (Sheffield Ordinariate)
Guest Preacher: Fr Daniel Lloyd (Oxford Ordinariate)
In choir: Fr Anthony Glaysher (Diocesan Priest from St Mary’s Ryde, Isle of Wight)

Processional- For All the Saints
Introit- Love Divine, all loves excelling
Gradual- Let saints on earth in concert sing
Offertory- Lo this day shines forth with glory
Post Communion- In our day of thanksgiving one psalm let us offer

The Faithful gather

The Faithful gather

Father Maunder welcoming everyone before Mass

Father Maunder welcoming everyone before Mass

The copes

The copes

Priests and servers

Priests and servers

Father Maunder writes…

“The building is now the property of the S Agatha’s Trust.

All the churches used by the Ordinariate are the property of the local diocese. St Agatha’s is the only church which is owned by a body of Catholic Trustees and where the Mass is offered exclusively in the traditional manner using the liturgy offered by the Holy See which most closely corresponds to the rite followed by the English Missal, to which are added the various prayers and collects, taken from the Book of Common Prayer, sanctioned by the Holy See.

DIGITAL CAMERAThe exclusive use of the traditional rite of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham is important because it affirms our Anglican Patrimony and allies us with the various other Catholic Churches, under the authority of the Holy Father, who also have distinctive liturgies.

The Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham is a living assurance to Anglicans who wish to become Catholics that unity with the Holy See does not mean absorption and thereby loss of identity, heritage and tradition – commonly known as “Patrimony”.”

St Agatha's bells ring out on the feast of St. Agatha, patroness of bellringers

St. Agatha’s bells ring out on the feast of St. Agatha, patroness of bellringers

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