Update – Who are we Ordinariate Expats?

Who are we?

When our “Ordinariate Support Group for Expats in Europe” was founded back in 2011, we were two Ordinariate members (one in France and one in Germany) plus two former Anglican priests in France who were interested in becoming Ordinariate members. Sadly one of these priests died and the other returned to England.

We were then fortunate to find a spiritual director in the person of first Mister, then Deacon and finally Father Scott Anderson, who spends half of his time in Picardy in France. Father Scott is a former Anglican priest of over thirty years standing, who had most recently served as vicar of Willesden Green and finally Lewisham.

Over the last three and a half years our Expats group has grown and also diversified quite considerably. Not only do we now have members and friends in seven European countries (France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, Poland and Portugal), but we are an interesting mix of former and current Anglicans and other Protestanta, Catholic priests, seminarists, theologians and laity, and we now number over twenty people.

Our remit has officially been extended to include cradle Catholics interested in the Ordinariates and, most recently, current or former members of non-Anglican churches who are hoping to enter or have already entered into full communion with the Catholic Church.

Our main activity is communication – regular letters, the cycle of prayer, the blog and recently a newsletter. As yet we have never met together as a group, although that is something which we are hoping to be able to organise.

Already a number of personal visits have taken place and last summer we began to visit the parishes of our priests affiliate to animate spiritual gatherings, to preach and generally to inform about the Ordinariate movement.

Please support us with your prayers.

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