St Anselm’s, Pembury, gets go-ahead for new hall building

Father Ed Tomlinson writes:

Today we shared some wonderful news with the congregation. Having met all conditions, and with the project anticipated to come in within budget, and having received written permission from the local authority, we can now proceed with the building of a new hall/ room for the parish! A project that frees up the dual use hall to be transformed into permanent space for edifying worship.

640px-St_Anselm's_RC_Church,_PemburyWork will begin in the next few weeks. The first phase will see a new entrance knocked into the existing structure as our new doorway into church. At first temporary doors will be in use but new ones have been designed and are on order. The builders will then begin the groundworks and foundations before the new structure is completed. And, amazingly, the contract specifies that the entire project will be complete by June 11th of this year. My wedding anniversary and St. Barnabas day (God has a sense of humour!)

Alongside this important building work will be the work commissioned for the grounds of the church. Meaning that, by summer, we will have much better gardens and buildings to enable us to carry out our mission in the parish.

In the summer we shall be holding a special Mass of thanksgiving and unveiling a special plaque that details those parishes, groups and individuals who have helped us by way of gift or loan. Our five year plan will be complete and the next five will look ahead to the beautifying of the interior space.

St Anselm's Pembury - lychgate 2       pembury-crucifix

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