Preparatory work begins at Pembury

Fr. Ed Tomlinson reports:

Pembury - building works April 2015On Monday of Holy Week the builders arrived at Saint Anselm’s to begin work on our new hall/community room. Having secured the site they immediately began to dig holes for special pads and cantilevers which form part of our ecological foundations that minimise damage to nearby trees.

Having disruption at the start of Holy Week is not ideal but the builders stop work on Maundy Thursday through the Easter weekend. And the benefit is that much can be done when the New World Montessori, who use the building, are not around.

Once the necessary holes are dug, the site is due to be inspected by our local tree officer and the building regulations officer. Once they are satisfied we move to the next phase of work; knocking a new entrance into church. New doors are on order so temporary doors will have to suffice in the interim period.


Alongside our many services and the building work we are also forging ahead this Holy Week and Eastertide with developing our garden. And we need some help. Here are the key dates:

1) On the morning of MAUNDY THURSDAY our professional head gardener, Mike Blande, is planning to erect a new play area for children using the wood chippings from the recent tree felling. He also plans a general tidy up. Volunteers should come with wheelbarrows, spades and enthusiasm and lend a hand.

2) Over the weekend, when not attending services, Mike will rotivate the ground that has become compacted. Then another working party is scheduled for SATURDAY 11th APRIL. Again volunteers are needed with rake in hand to help level the paddock and shift sand – the preparation necessary for laying new turf

3) On TUESDAY 14th APRIL we need help to lay the turf on the paddock. This will bring a new lawn to the grounds helping beautify the surrounds.

Looking ahead we also plan to create flower beds, a vegetable patch for the pre-school and a rockery/grotto in which to place an image of Our Lady. Lots to do then as we ponder the new life of Easter in 2015.

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