The news that the Ordinariate Use Mass is broadcast weekly is unfortunately not correct !!

St Gregory the Great’s verger Kevin McDermott wrote us the following to explain my error:

“Thank you, David, for noticing this — there’s little that escapes your eye! However, please be aware our listing is on the WQOM radio station’s EVENTS calendar: they were good enough to understand that the Ordinariate’s unusual circumstances made our Mass suitable for listing (although weekly parochial Masses are not normally posted there); we are very grateful to WQOM for their courtesy. Our Mass is not, however, broadcast — you must attend if you wish to hear it :>) — and we’d love to worship with any who might be reading this, should you find yourself near Boston (the_other_Boston, that is…): If you do, please note that, owing to our Pastor’s recent knee surgery, we have moved Mass to 9 o’clock (not 11, as listed; I’m trying to get that changed) — all other details remain the same. It will always be worthwhile to consult our website if you’re planning a visit: We look forward to meeting and worshiping with you.”

Sincerely, Kevin McDermott, Verger — Saint Gregory the Great, near Boston, MA

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