Cardinal Nichols to preach at Warwick Street during Called to be Holy Novena

Fr. Mark Elliott Smith, Parish Priest of Warwick Street, has informed us:

For the second time this year Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster will be present at the central church of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory, Warwick Street, London, on Ascension Sunday (17th May) within the Pentecost Novena, celebrated this year in the Ordinariate as the Called to be Holy Novena.

The Cardinal will preside at an Ordinariate Use Mass and preach. This follows his attendance in February at an Evensong and Benediction service during the visit to England of the North American and Australian Ordinaries.

Ascension Sunday 2015His visit and his offer to preach are particularly significant since the Called to be Holy initiative is a direct response to Cardinal Nichols’ address at the Ordinariate Festival in Westminster Cathedral Hall last September, where he asked:  “Does what you do, in pursuit of a proper distinctiveness, clearly lead to holiness? Is it in the service of sanctification? This is what counts.”

It is also important historically, as then-Bishop Vincent Nichols was part of Cardinal Hume’s small working party which in the early 1990’s met regularly with Anglicans contemplating entering into full communion with the See of Rome, led by Bishop Dr. Graham Leonard, in an attempt to work out a pastoral provision for corporate reunion.

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