Welcome to our new readers

We would like to welcome all those who are new on this website/blog, who have probably followed a link from the New Advent site in order to read the excellent article by Professor Dr. Richard Upsher Smith Jr on the contribution of the Anglican patrimony to the Catholic Church. (Admittedly the link was not really justified, as our publication of the article was merely a repost from the New Oxford Review, but our joy at your visit to our site is all the greater.) Thanks also to New Advent for reading this blog in the first place.

As a result our visitor numbers for yesterday, Monday, reached the second highest figure ever in our history. So we should not neglect to inform you who we are and what our intention is.

This Ordinariate News (from Ordinariate Expats) blog is the website of the Ordinariate Support Group for Expats in Europe of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, the Anglican Use quasi-diocese in the United Kingdom – part of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church with the mission to bring Anglican patrimony into the Church as a gift to be shared and to provide a corporate home for ex-Anglicans entering into communion with the See of Peter, who wish to be part of this mission.

Our Ordinariate Expats group not only offers support and a home from home for Ordinariate members from all three Ordinariates worldwide (UK, USA/Canada and Australia/Japan), who are living temporarily or permanently in Europe outside of the UK, but we are also the organisation which establishes and maintains links with other Christians and also with cradle Catholics in Europe who have an interest in the Ordinariate movement. These various groups were those originally targeted by this website.

From the start it has been our intention to provide up-to-date news on all of the Ordinariates and some in-depth articles on the mission of the Ordinariates and the nature of the Anglican patrimony (original articles and repostings). By default ours has currently become the site which provides the most information about all of these questions (see also the links to the pages on Anglican Patrimony, Liturgy, Documents, etc. in the bar above) and as a result our readership is now international with about half of our regular readership in North America, where official Ordinariate information is little and far between. We are luckier in Britain, so much of our news is reposted from the official websites of the UK Ordinariate and the Friends of the Ordinariate. Australian news comes mostly from the official Ordinariate website and from the excellent monthly newsletter “Australia-Wide”.

We specifically welcome contributions from Ordinariate groups worldwide and also from anyone interested in supporting the Ordinariate adventure. Just follow our contact details above.

So WELCOME again. Come back often! … and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions – or if you or your group may want to join the Ordinariate – do not hesitate to get in touch.

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