A personal comment on my monitoring and editing practice

Hello friends,

As,the administrator of this blog/website, which although not an official organ of the Ordinariates, is written in the name of an Ordinariate group and has the well-being and mission of the Ordinariates at heart, I feel obliged to monitor closely all comments made on this site.

I try to be as generous as possible and do not edit or remove comments merely because they do not correspond to my personal point of view. However, I am not willing to accept any comments which are detrimental to the Ordinariates’ mission, which are unfeeling, uncharitable, maybe embarrassing or even personally insulting. On occasion I have had to remove these posts completely or edit and rephrase them (perhaps a dozen times altogether in the past three years). I have always tried to inform the commenter by eMail of the editing and my reasoning – unfortunately this is not always possible, as in a recent case, where the eMail address provided did not function.

If you are the “victim” of editing and are not happy in any way, please contact me and I will do my best to put things right. In any case I most heartily welcome every comment on this site and indeed wish that they were more numerous.

With best regards

Pax et bonum

David Murphy

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