New photo of our Walsingham sisters

walsingham sisters may 2015Sisters Wendy Renate and Jane Louise, our Sisters of Our Lady of Reconciliation at Walsingham, have just published this new photograph of themselves.

Let’s try to keep Sisters Wendy and Jane Louise constantly in our prayers – they are the Ordinariate’s permanent presence at the National Shrine – a spearhead of our movement.

In their roles as Sacristan and Youth Officer they have very important functions in the day-to-day running of the Shrine and are a vital link between the Catholic Shrine and the Anglican Shrine in the village.

In this context we would like to present some details of the new Rector’s plans for the National Shrine. Mgr. John Armitage wrote in March of this year:

I wanted to bring you up to date with some of the developments here at Walsingham. I have been appointed to run, develop and promote the Shrine. We hope to be able to make improvements for the day pilgrims, with a program that starts after the Pilgrim Mass at 12 Noon. The development of the Shrine involves new and improved accommodation, for young people, 52 en-suite rooms for pilgrims, 20 of which will have full dis-ability access, a new retreat house in the village, and a house for priests. On the Slipper Chapel site we will be improving the overall facilities with a new lounge with catering and reception area, which will be open all year round. We shall be building a Pilgrim Hall on the site of the picnic area to facilitate day groups from parishes, schools, and for talks, this will seat up to 100 people. A new area will be developed outside of the Slipper Chapel where the roses are at the moment and this will be for candles, and holy water, and the whole site will be linked together by a cloister, which will be very helpful during open air masses when it rains! The promotion of devotion to our Lady at Walsingham will include the visit of the first statue of Our Lady of Walsingham called the Tristram Statue, which will visit each Cathedral in the country.

With an assurance of prayers from Our Lady’s Shrine

Mgr John Armitage

Year 1Year 2Year 3To read the fine print of these plans more easily just click on each of the three pages to enlarge it.

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One Response to New photo of our Walsingham sisters

  1. EPMS says:

    Important to put this link, I think, as these improvements are expected to cost £10 million.

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