CALLED TO BE HOLY – Novena Day 1

Please join our prayer community every day for the next nine days.

Today we pray with THE DREAM OF THE ROOD ruthwell crossThe Dream of the Rood is perhaps one of the earliest works of Old English literature, possibly written in the eighth century by an unknown poet. It recounts a dream in which the narrator sees a tree – the Cross – resplendent with jewels, but also stained with blood, that stands at the centre of the earth. The Cross tells the dreamer its story: wounded like its Lord by the cruel nails and enduring the mocking with him, it stands firm as the throne of the hero-king, the incarnate God, who willingly embraces suffering and triumphs over it to redeem the whole world. Passages from the poem were carved on the Ruthwell Cross in the ninth century.

For today’s prayers and readings, click here.

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