The Anglican Use Society is revived

After the Anglican Use Society (AUS) has led a more or less “limbo” existence for a couple of years (there have been no more annual conferences, “Anglican Embers” has not appeared), first steps have now been taken to revive and expand this important means of communication, exchange, creativity, reflection and study for the Ordinariate and Pastoral Provision movement (the “Anglican Use”), incorporating, as it always has, clergy and lay, former Anglicans, cradle Catholics and sympathetic others (hopefully including Anglicans), academics and rank and file members.

Joseph Blake has retired as President after many years of service for the Society and he deserves our recognition and gratitude for the selfless dedication he has shown and all the work he has done in promoting the cause of the Anglican Use. On May 11th the board of the Anglican Use Society was reconstituted with Steve Cavanaugh, former AUS secretary and editor of “Anglican Embers”, blogmaster of “The Anglican Use of the Roman Rite” and parishioner at St. Athanasius Pastoral Provision community in Brookline, Boston, Massachusetts, as the new President.

The other members of the board are:

Fr. Eric Bergman, parish priest of St. Thomas More Ordinariate Parish, Scranton, Pennsylvania, a former Pastoral Provision community (AUS Chaplain)
Fr. Ernie Davis, administrator of Our Lady of Hope Ordinariate Mission in Kansas City, Missouri, also a former Pastoral Provision group
Fr. Allan Hawkins, pastor emeritus of St. Mary the Virgin Parish in Arlington, Texas, who is now resident part of the year in Limoges, France (Vice-President)
Dr. William J. Tighe, Associate Professor of History at Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The report of the May 11th meeting on the AUS website states:

At its board meeting on May 11, 2015, the Board of Directors accepted the resignations of long-time board members Margaret Pichon and Joseph Blake, and appointed Steve Cavanaugh and Dr. William Tighe in their stead. The Board then elected Steve Cavanaugh as president of the AUS. The Board of Directors would like to thank both Margaret and Joe for their many years of service and dedication to the Pastoral Provision and Ordinariate communities.

The Board also decided to add a new mission to its purpose, that of raising funds to support education of candidates for the diaconate and priesthood in the Ordinariate. A Finance Committee has been created to focus on this.

Finally, the Board agreed to hold the annual meeting of the membership during the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia in September 2015. Further details will be forthcoming.

The new president, Steve Cavanaugh, has told us that his three immediate short-term priorities are to revive the membership, to plan for the Annual Meeting in September and to restart Anglican Embers (as an online journal).

The next board meeting is due to be held on June 15, when some further-reaching perspectives for the Anglican Use Society will be discussed and set in motion.

For some time now we on this side of the Atlantic have been in discussion with the AUS to internationalise the Society, with the intention of making it a forum and think tank for the whole of the Anglican Use movement worldwide. First steps in this direction are expected in June.

So finally, we should like to congratulate the new board and wish them Godspeed in their future work for our movement.

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3 Responses to The Anglican Use Society is revived

  1. EPMS says:

    Very interesting. Fr Hawkins, as we see here (February 9,2015) has always had reservations about some aspects of Anglican Patrimony, which perhaps explains why St Mary the Virgin did not enter the OCSP until after his retirement. Fr Davis will apparently be turning over the leadership of Our Lady of Hope to Fr Sly shortly. Dr Tighe is of necessity an OCSP onlooker. All of this promises a new perspective and fresh discussion to complement this blog, which, excellent as it is, had had to try to be all things to all interested parties for too long.

    • No, SMV Arlington was always bound for the Ordinariate — and the only reason for the delay until after my retirement was the need to resolve certain property and financial issues, delayed further by the period between the translation of Bishop Vann and the appointment of his successor..

      Fr Allan Hawkins

  2. Fr. Christopher G. Phillips says:

    This is excellent news!

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