CALLED TO BE HOLY – Novena Day 5

IMG_0767-250x305Today we pray with LANCELOT ANDREWES (1555-1626)

Born soon after the break with Rome, Lancelot Andrewes was ordained to the ministry of the Church of England in 1580. A noted linguist and preacher he was by 1601 Dean of Westminster. During the reign of King James I he was successively Bishop of Chichester, Ely and Winchester, and oversaw the compiling of the Authorised Version of the Bible.

To access today’s reading, psalm and prayers, click here.

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3 Responses to CALLED TO BE HOLY – Novena Day 5

  1. Viola Hayhurst says:

    Confused here. As…. says on Lancelot Andrewes. “In a great sermon (during Easter week) on 10 April 1588, he stoutly vindicated the Reformed character of the Church of England against the claims of Roman Catholicism and adduced John Calvin as a new writer, with lavish praise and affection.” Are we supposed to pray for his soul that he eventually did see the error in his Calvinistic leanings, or what?

    • Antonia says:

      May I offer a reply here, as a member of the Called To Be Holy planning team? Of course it would be an act of charity to pray for his soul, Viola. We have tried to include writers who represent a breadth of English spirituality – deliberately, not all are Catholic. Andrewes’ writings, especially perhaps his Preces Privatae (on which this day’s Collect is based), have been an inspiration to many English Christians over the centuries. I hope that those who join us in the Novena will find that his Thanksgiving for the Eucharist expresses their own prayer, and will use the words of his sermon to prepare for ‘the feast-day of love; when love descended with both his hands full of gifts for very love, to take up his dwelling with us.’ Best wishes for a joyful Pentecost to you.

      Antonia Lynn

      • Viola Hayhurst says:

        Thank you, I understand your reasoning. But as an American I am perhaps a bit more sensitive to Calvinism than are Europeans. It was their extreme Puritan oligarchy under the guise of the Massachusetts Bay Colony based “Saints” that have not only shaped the past and present ethos of the United States but managed to corrupt the very fundamental values of Christ in doing so. My heritage goes back to those very individuals that they attempted to suppress in this colonial era – not only the Quakers of Cape Cod but those high Church Anglicans that were the English settlers in the Province of Maine — always posing a threat to the “self proclaimed chosen one’s” as they could have returned England to Queen Mary of Scotland. The awesome thing about the Ordinariate is that this has come to pass ! I am a member here. And I applaud what you are doing in bringing us all together !

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