CALLED TO BE HOLY – Novena Day 8

Today we pray with EVELYN UNDERHILL (1875-1941)

IMG_0765In the first half of the 20th century Evelyn Underhill was one of the most widely read writers on spirituality. She moved from an agnosticism to faith, but her husband Hubert Stuart Moore was opposed to her desire to become a Catholic. She found what she believed to be a staging post in Anglo-Catholicism, but remained there all her life. Her spiritual mentor from 1921 to 1924 was Baron Friedrich von Hugel who encouraged her to focus her mysticism in Christ. Both before and after the First World War there was great fascination with philosophy, spirituality and mysticism among British people. Evelyn Underhill was concerned that ‘state religion’ was out of touch with this deep longing and in her writings sought to popularise an orthodox Christian approach to the spiritual world. She was not without her critics for her attempts to make the mystical life open to ordinary people. Mysticism (1911) and Worship (1936) were among her most influential books.

To access today’s reading, psalm and prayers, click here.

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