CALLED TO BE HOLY – Novena Day 9

Today we pray with MICHAEL RAMSEY (1904-1988)

Archbishop-Michael-Ramsey-and-Pope-Paul-VI-1-250x192Arthur Michael Ramsey was born in 1904, and became 100th Archbishop of Canterbury in 1961. He longed for the unity of the Church: he did much to build relationships between the Church of England and the Eastern Churches, and was disappointed when plans for union between Anglicans and Methodists failed. In 1966 he became the first Archbishop of Canterbury in modern times to make a formal visit to the Vatican. Pope Paul VI took off his own episcopal ring and gave it to Ramsey, who wore it until the day he died. The ring is now worn whenever Archbishops visit the Vatican. Shy and considered by some to be eccentric, Ramsey was a man of deep spirituality and highly regarded as a retreat conductor. He was unafraid in speaking out against the social injustices of his day. Some of his most moving and powerful words were given as ordination charges to the clergy of Durham (such as today’s reading) when he was Bishop there from 1952 to 1956.

He died in 1988; in his memorial address Owen Chadwick said: ‘He did not think that there was enough quiet in the world. To realise God you need silence.’

To access today’s reading, psalm and prayers, click here.

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One Response to CALLED TO BE HOLY – Novena Day 9

  1. Antonia says:

    A big thank you to this blog for helping so many people to join in the Novena! It’s been good to pray together. Your readers might like to know that there will be more readings and prayers from the English spiritual tradition as a regular feature on our website, beginning this summer. Watch this space:

    Antonia Lynn

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